BJ Blanchard: Notes from Glen Ellen, May 2

The Glen Ellen volunteers who cleaned up the trash around town.


You never know what you’ll come across at a town clean-up adventure.

In the spirit of Earth Day, a group of 20 committed citizens gathered on Saturday to clean up the community of Glen Ellen.

Volunteers were divided into teams. Teams grabbed plastic trash bags, gloves, a map and squeezer picker-uppers to fan out on the major roads to pick up litter and recyclables. Pounds and pounds of burger wrappers, paint buckets, cigarette butts, Styrofoam cups, beer cans, and a moldy pillow, were retrieved from ditches and roadsides along Glen Ellen’s bucolic streets, and hauled to the dump.

The Arnold Drive Team, walking from Highway 12 to Warm Springs, found, in the grassy ditch opposite the Stuart Creek Run, a gun. The Sheriff was called. The officer arrived within minutes. He examined the weighty gun, comparing it to his own un-holstered service weapon. He could not identify it until he removed the cartridges. It was identified as a toy Air Pistol BB gun without the orange tip. The orange tip is applied by the manufacturer to identify it as a toy so as not to confuse it with a live firearm. The officer took the BB gun into possession and removed it from Glen Ellen.

Teams of cleaners-up were rewarded by bicyclists cheering them on, neighbors bringing bouquets of irises from their garden, honks, cheers, and general support from townspeople.

The town clean-up comes under the auspices of the newly-formed Glen Ellen Town Forum, which can be found online at

The Forum organizes projects and activities to enhance the Glen Ellen community. Visit

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