Della Santina’s restaurant celebrates its first 25 years in Sonoma throughout the month of October and into November, starting with a pop-up party for 250 in the southwest corner of Sonoma Plaza on Monday, Oct. 12.

Here’s how they got here. Querico “Dan” Della Santina left Lucca, Italy 51 years ago for Hollywood and an Italian-American beauty named Shirley. First he tried a bakery in San Francisco’s North Beach, then ownership of Marin Joe’s for 25 years, and the last 25 years after creating Della Santina’s and Enoteca Della Santina next door where Readers’ Books started. Now their son Rob and his wife Nicole greet guests at the restaurant and own Enoteca Della Santina.

Their pop-up party announcement says: “Bring the kids and your finest red, white and green table décor and enjoy pasta three ways, salad, bread and dessert. You can either bring your own wine or purchase it from Enoteca Della Santina.” They will provide “three courses, tables and chairs, and ice and water.”

You can set up your table decorations at 5 p.m., with table judging and toasts at 6 p.m., and dinner served at 6:30 p.m.

You might also tell the story of your favorite Della Santina experience on their Facebook page, and the family will narrow down the contestants to the three top stories, with guests choosing the best. The winner will receive a catered dinner for four at the farmers market. Adults $15, children 12 to 17 $5, under 12 free. 5 to 8 p.m. Reserve your plaza pop-up spot at 935-0576 or

For the rest of October through Nov. 18, the restaurant will serve a three-course dinner every Wednesday night consisting of salad, a choice of pasta, and a “sparkling dessert” for $25. 133 E. Napa St., Sonoma.