Roger Rhoten’s all-new Magical Medicine Show is returning to the Sebastiani Theatre for four performances July 26, 27, 28 and 29.

Rhoten describes the show as “an unrivaled display of amazing feats, magical mysteries, song, dance, laughter and a kaleidoscope of wondrous novelties.”

The family-friendly performances are at 7 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, July 26 and 27, and at 2 p.m. on Saturday, July 28, and Sunday, July 29.

The lively show centers on the magic of “Dr. R. K. Rhoten” and weaves in magic, sword swallowing, belly dancing and more, with performances by Tobias, Nathalie Tedrick, Bob Gossett, Sarah Summers, Carrine Purtel and more.

Rhoten’s show is all new and is organized in a medicine show format, like a play with several acts, enabling him to bring in a variety of additional performers. The set is also new, and it centers around a wagon built by artist Dennis Zeminski.

The show was in the works for decades, according to Rhoten.

“I have been thinking about it for years but it was always on the back burner because of how busy I was with the (Sebastiani) theater,” said Rhoten, who recently stepped down as theater manager.

“I look forward to having the time, going forward, to really build on this.”

Admission is $25 for adults and seniors and $17 for children 12 and under. Tickets can be purchased online at or in Sonoma at Readers’ Books and the Sebastiani Theatre at 996-9756. The Sebastiani Theatre is located on the Plaza in Sonoma at 476 First St. E.