“Beware the Ides of March,” Spurinna the soothsayer famously forewarned Julius Caesar, in reference to March 15, a Roman day of religious observance, as well as that of the Emperor’s untimely demise.

And this week the Sonoma Writer’s Workshop and Bump Wine Cellars will raise a chalice to renewal in an evening of tirades, trochees, and triumvirates at 7 p,m. on Thursday, March 15.

Poetry and wine were always part of the Ides revelry. Stoics and Epicureans alike from the North Bay community are invited to participate in the vox populi by sipping and singing along in an ancient Ides scapegoat ritual. So fumigate your animal skins, come lock arms, and be purged from scorched earth and corruption by an evening of imbibing and embellishing.

Attendees are invited to showcase potential work for selection in two upcoming open-mic sessions. So, come tell it like it isn’t – from propaganda to idealism – in 3- to 5-minute spoken-word pieces.

All roads lead to Bump. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. at Bump Wine Cellars, 521 Broadway.