Sonoma County songwriters Mark Beynon and Joe Label drop 'Everything,' a song about North Bay fires


The phone call came in the middle of the night, like it did for many of us, there were fires, and they were everywhere, but in this case, the call was to come here, not leave. Songwriters Mark Beynon and Joe Label had just arrived in Nashville to begin a week of songwriting with other Nashville musicians, but that ended immediately, as the duo made their way back to Sonoma County to be with their families. The family home had been evacuated, and they had assembled, like many of us, in Novato at Label’s house, but not before learning Beynon’s daughter and family had lost their home and belongings, barely escaping with their lives.

It was during that time that the duo gathered inspiration from the disaster, and their families resolve, and penned a song, a song of hope. “We felt the sense that all were thankful for what they had, not what was lost, even though the family had lost essentially everything.” said Beynon. “When you listen to the lyrics of the song, you will hear what we were feeling.”

And they weren’t the only ones. They quickly wrote and recorded the song and sent it back to Nashville for some finishing touches laid down by Michael Lusk on vocals and Sam Hunter on guitar. They then ran it by their entertainment management, Red Line Entertainment, and the agency felt this was more than just a throw together song, and it is currently being pitched to major artists, and local ones as well, including Pete Stringfellow and Pat Jordan, who have also performed it. Local radio stations are working it into their rotations soon as well.

The song, titled “Everything” has been up on YouTube as a photo collage over the audio of the song, with a donation link at the end to donate to the Redwood Credit Union fire relief fund. The duo is hoping others that may be going through similar circumstances might fine some solace in their words and music, and hopefully raise some money for the disaster relief as well.


Watch the video at:

[youtube: JZSQRq9ylIk]

The Last Record Store in Santa Rosa is offering free gift bags of CD’s by local North Bay artists, to help brighten the days of folks who have lost their music in the recent fires, and help them start their new collections. If you are a fire victim who would like one of these free packages delivered to you, or if you are a musician with original CD’s you’d like to donate to this heartfelt effort, please contact Jeff Falconer via email or phone at, 217-1978, and he will transport them for you, or discs can be obtained or donated at Last Record Store, 1899 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa.