A new business will transport people or things from Sonoma to Sacramento and back, fast and for a “reasonable” fee.

The company, Sacramento Sonoma Express, is owned and operated by Felipe and Marcela Monroy. They emphasize reliable and safe same-day deliveries. Their services include transportation to and from Sacramento International Airport. More broadly, their new transport company serves the south/northwest corridor between anywhere in the greater metropolitan Sacramento area and Sonoma, including points in between or nearby, like Davis, Dixon, Vacaville, Fairfield and Napa.

The Sacramento Sonoma Express vehicles range from a Prius to a large Sequoia SUV. They offer standard passenger transport to and from the Sacramento Airport from Sonoma for $120 for up to three people, a luxury vehicle is $130, a large capacity vehicle for up to six people is $150. Transportation to any intermediary city costs a prorated amount.

The company also offers courier freight services. Same-day package or freight delivery of up to 100 pounds is $140 ($2 per pound for overages).

Felipe Monroy is well-known to tennis players in Sonoma. He has headed up the Sonoma Valley Tennis Association program as its head pro since 2013. A long-time commuter between the two cities, he has launched the business with a team of drivers while he continues as Maxwell Park’s resident tennis pro.

Book online at www.sacramentosonomaexpress.com or visit www.facebook.com/sacramentosonomaexpress.