Many local businesses had announced plans to open for business this week, but their plans were thwarted by the fact that they still had no power as of Monday afternoon. More than half of the Plaza businesses were without power.

The areas with power are the Plaza’s west side, the southwest corner (where the Index-Tribune is located) and the northwest corner occupied by the Girl & the Fig. The other Plaza storefronts were still dark as of 1 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 16. Some of the side streets had power, some did not.

“We’re working safely and quickly to restore electricity,” assured PGE spokeperson Melissa Subbotin, who when reached on Saturday said that she hopedto have power restored to Sonoma’s downtown Plaza area last weekend.

Subbotin explained that PGA had been working with Cal Fire to proactively turn off electricity and gas in certain areas as a safety precaution.

Despite having no power, the Plaza bar Town Square was open for business all weekend and on Monday, and its customers seemed pleased to have a drink in hand, even if they were sitting in the dark and their beer wasn’t quite cold.

Power was restored to many areas in the Springs on Monday but areas on the East Side of Sonoma were still without power.

Customers can check the progress of the power restoration by PGE on the utlility’s website at