Valley Forum: UFO expert has message for Sonoma: They are coming

The days of tin-foil hats and ridicule have ended, says ‘UFOlogist’|

For those willing to look with an unbiased mind, the days of tin-foil hat ridicule have ended.

In their place are former Pentagon officials, elected members of the United States Congress, and military contractors - each with high-level security clearances. They are now talking about real evidence of non-human created craft. Their testimony has been vetted, challenged and proved consistently robust, proving, among other things, beyond any shadow of a doubt that the United States Government has researched the performance abilities of non-human created craft.

The highest elected official to confirm this fact - so far - is former United States Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada. Coverage of his confirmation of the fact that the U.S. government, through the Pentagon, has spent millions researching extra-terrestrial craft has been published, over the past year or so, in main-stream media, including the New York Times - gaining the attention of members of Congress and their staff. According to former Sen. Reid, “We spent a lot of money and it was an extremely important study.” Regarding what our military service people have experienced – U.S. Air Force pilots and Navy personnel - Senator Reid said, “They need a place to be able to report this.”

So why the ridicule? The easy dismissal? For many, seeming certainty that humanity is either 1) alone in the cosmos or 2) if not alone, “they” cannot be here because they cannot get here. It’s an unthinking, unserious ridicule - a mindset all too common to human history. In the past, humanity has wrongly been 100 percent certain that the Earth was flat, or that the Earth was the center of the universe, or that sun revolves around us and not the opposite. So certain that those who questioned these wrong beliefs were punished, sometimes by death.

But like each of those revelations - the Earth is round, the Milky Way, much less the Earth, is not at the center of the universe, the revelation that we are not alone and that some far more technologically advanced life is here is humbling. If history shows anything it is that mankind has not been humble. We are full of pride and certainty and pomposity. And on this issue it is time, past time really, to simply be serious - to have a look at the real evidence, evidence offered by our political and military leaders that we are not alone. And that evidence is serious. Our federal government has indeed spent millions investigating, and the conclusions are humbling to the very real possibility that open contact and communication with advanced life not born on Earth might just happen in our lifetimes - as it already has for some of our best military pilots and others.

At the UFO Symposium held here just last week some of that evidence was presented - FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared Radar) video, contemporaneous pilot audio, subsequent interviews with pilots and other military witnesses. The conclusions are serious as well - ET is real; the reality of UFOs is the biggest never told story in human history; the reality is that Earth is only one planet out of countless others with life. Life that we are about to meet openly. And the first chapter of this story is being told now by Harry Reid, by former Pentagon officers and others. It’s time to start listening, to drop the easy dismissive ridicule and to truly be serious.

Jim Ledwith is Sonoma’s only officially self-certified UFOlogist. Learn more at

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