Sonoma’s young writers: Rotary Writing Faire

The annual Jim and Billie Thrower Rotary Writing Faire was canceled in 2020 because of the COVID 19 virus.

Some avid writers from Adele Harrison Middle School were eager, however, to submit their efforts for digital publication. The writing pieces were revised and edited through writing coach, Kathy Eschleman’s google classroom.



By Lily Evangeline

Doves, filled with spirit and song,

Open their wings and fly

We must do the same,

If we shall not want to die

The crippled heart sees only evil

In the hearts of many

So, look into their hearts,

And understand they have suffered more than any

Like strings of a violin, play sweet tunes

Happily with fellow doves

And glide with them, be rid of sin,

And begin with love



By Olivia Paxton

Beyond the volleyball court, there are amazing relationships, work ethic, and the effort a coach puts into his or her team. Volleyball is such an amazing sport! It requires teamwork, trust in each other and passion. If it wasn't for the 13 Black Volleyball team, I would feel like I'd be a lost dog roaming the streets. Even though life right now is different, it does not mean that my passion for volleyball will ever change; if anything it will evolve and grow stronger because without it, I have realized how important the team relationships and support of a good coach can strengthen my skills to be a competitive player.


Definition of Mexico

By Roberto Hernandez

When turning,

Bright colors appear,

A story,

A culture,

A tradition,

Thousands of warriors,

White signifying unity,

The green of hope,

Behind the red, a crew of heroes,

A huge eagle,

Above, the blessed Virgin of Guadalupe with her son Jesus,


The Mexican people sing, with Miguel Hidalgo and Saint Juan Diego,

Screaming the Mexican National Anthem,

The smell of tamales,

The eagle goes down,

With its powerful wings it blocks enemies,

All united with happiness,

At sunset the bells ring,

The sun goes down and the moon rises,

The sun recovers,

A new day begins.

Originally written in Spanish.

Definición de Mexico

Al voltear,

Colores brillantes aparecen,

Una historia,

Una cultura,

Una tradicion,

Miles de guerreros,

El blanco significando la unidad,

El verde de la esperanza,

Atrás del rojo, una tripulación de héroes,

Una aguila enorme,

Arriba, la dichosa Virgen de Guadalupe con su hijo Jesús,


La gente mexicana canta, con Miguel Hidalgo y San Juan Diego,

Gritando el Himno Nacional mexicano,

El olor de los tamales,

La aguila baja,

Con su poderosa alas bloquea a los enemigos,

Todos unidos con felicidad,

Al atardecer, las campanas timbran,

El sol se oculta y la luna se eleva,

El sol se recupera,

Un dia nuevo comiensa.

(Por: Roberto Hernandez)



By Antonio Casillas

Do Americans really want to celebrate the story of slavery, racism, and broken treaties? If a Western Expansion Day holiday were to become a reality, people will be celebrating many years of America’s dark history. Indeed, the history of western expansion is that of war, death, exploitation, plague, and greed. During the years that western expansion occurred, the lives of many Americans as well as those from separate nationalities, were lost. A holiday celebrating western expansion would merely be a holiday celebrating the story of America’s lust for land and riches and the many deaths and conquered nations they left in their wake and therefore should not be celebrated.


Dragon and His Knight

By Evy Hall

So valiant that knight who pierces the dragon's scale

The moon shines so bright, so big, so pale.

Strong and beloved he returns to his frail town,

He believed that now nothing could bring him down.

“Wrong!” thought the dragon with a scar on his face,

He ran down the hill with a new pep in his gait,

T’was no longer a competition, no but a race!

He ran down the hill and around the block,

He jumped over bakers, builders, and rocks.

Tired at last the poor dragon drank.

The water revived him, sweet and fresh from the bank.

T’was a good consolation prize for someone of his rank

The dragon reached for the knight and said

“You have scratched my face so I shall take your head!”

“Wait, before you kill me there is something you should know.”

The dragon stopped and looked around at the snow.

“Do you see this place, so beautiful and kind,

Before you eat me please make up your mind.

You can stay here with us and we will give you a home,

Or you can continue on your journey, alone.”

The dragon sat and he thought,

He thought of the times he always wanted a friend

The times he found himself stuck at a dead end.

“Yes of course,” he said

So there they sat, knight and dragon

Breaking bread on the end of a wagon.


Corona, Corona, Corona

By Siena Kelly

Corona, Corona ,Corona

Causing terror in every corner of the planet

We can't go anywhere, we used to take that for granted.

There is nothing in stores, I say with no doubt

Because people think they will be left without

Corona Corona Corona

Killing people is all you do

And we are trapped at home, it’s true

And now home is our school

Why Corona, must you be so cruel!

Corona Corona Corona

You do this to us but why? Why?!

When you snatch people and we can't say goodbye

I hope I no longer must wear a mask

Please release us from your firm grasp

Corona, Corona, Corona

Por: Siena Kelly

Corona Corona Corona

Causando terror en cada rincón del planeta

No podemos ir a ningún lugar, nada.

Hay nada en las tiendas, periodo fin

Porque las personas piensan que van a quedar sin

Corona Corona corona

Matar a personas es toda que hagas

Y nosotros estamos atrapados en casa

Ahora nuestra casa es la escuela

Porque Corona eres tan mala

Corona Corona Corona

oh nosotros rezamos a dios

Cuando tu agarras personas y no podemos decir adiós

por favor que seamos libres

de tu alcance firme


Western Expansion Day

By Josh Vincent

Western Expansion Day would be a good holiday because it celebrates how the U.S. acquired all of its land that it has today. The U.S. acquired its land through a majority of different ways that tie in to a big part in history. “To us it was an empire and of incalculable value” stated by General Grant on Texas. Along with that, The Alamo battle included many famous and key people in history such as Davy Crockett, Colonel William B and Travis and James Bowie who all died in this battle for Texas. Also, The “Louisiana Purchase” doubled the size of the U.S. at the time and was purchased for about four cents an acre at the time. These achievements should never be forgotten by the United States and are a big reason why Western Expansion Day should be a holiday.



By Melina Zamudio

Did you know that octopuses eat their arms when their bored? It is most certainly not out of stupidity, because octopi are known to be one of the smartest invertebrate, and that might be because they have nine brains! They can even solve a Rubik's cube! Even though they have three hearts, they only live up to five years, depending on the species. There are many interesting things about octopi, like their habitat, food, their anatomy, and how they reproduce. Keep reading, and you will learn everything you need to know about octopuses.



By Teagan Rhodes

…Body trembling with excitement, Kelly awkwardly half limped, half-ran towards the east side of the cornfield. Blood rushing threw her veins, the urge to get out of the puzzling maze made her limbs sprint faster and faster. Precise and swift, each step built her energy to full-on cheetah mode. Forcing herself to channel all her strength to her legs, Kelly flew through the field, sweat trickling down her face as the warm breeze blew gently against her features. As the wind whistled, she thought she heard a shout for her name.

“No one is there Kelly. Keep going,” she convinced herself.

Again a faint call of her name. “Kelly!” the voice exclaimed as she shot out of the end of the cornfield.

Charging towards her like a stampede, her two cousins Mo and Una, speedily sprinted, catching her as she fell to the ground. Thankful to see their smiling faces, Kelly relaxed, letting them carry her towards the house.


Informational Essay

By Kelsey Bauer

As you sip your smooth and sleek glass of wine, have you ever wondered how your wine came from vineyard to glass? Would you ever believe that, before brave activists came along, migrant workers labored in roasting heat and terrible conditions, along with experiencing harsh racism, to get you that glass? Devoted laborers Gary Soto, an award-winning author, and Cesar Chavez, a peaceful protestor, tenaciously fought for the rights of these migrant workers through hunger strikes, stories, boycotts, and marches, forever changing the lives of these workers. Despite these men’s drastic differences in careers, thanks to their Mexican American heritage these devoted activists share many similarities in their backgrounds, experiences, and values, and these characteristics are evident in their work and accomplishments.



By Kate Jewell

Loud and ear piercing, the noises woke me from my peaceful slumber. Not knowing what they were, I sat up. Understanding, I realized they were gunshots, gunshots from a quiet and foggy neighborhood. I was now severely scared, scared about the gunshots, and scared for my sister. I wanted to cover myself with my warm and fluffy baseball themed covers, but I knew my little sister would be too worried. So I valiantly decided to go to comfort her. Getting myself out of bed, grabbing my black Nike socks so I don’t make noise against the hardwood floor, I quietly opened my door to somehow save my little sister.

Tiptoeing quietly, I swiftly ran into her room. It was pink, beautiful, and had stuffed animals everywhere. I scooped the cute little three-year-old out of her tiny bed and cradled her. She had been silently crying this whole time and I realized that I had been too.

“It’s okay; it’s all going to be okay. It’s all going to be perfectly fine,” I whispered over and over into her ear, though I had no idea if this was true.


My Best Friend is a Dog

By Natalie Pamatz

…As the days passed, I got sick and I fell into a depression. There was a point where I had to be in a hospital and the last day I was there my parents could see that I still missed Millie so they decided to get me a new puppy to get over the one that I had lost. But they did not understand the thing that I’ve been through with her and how long I had her. So they decided to get me a new dog that I did not get along very well with because he did not look like Millie and now it was a boy, not a girl; his name is Taylor. Years have passed by and Taylor and I have a good relationship now and it feels weird because Millie is not here anymore. Even though years have gone by, no dog will ever replace Millie.


Oh No

By Angelo Canp

It was a Monday morning January 1, 2018. I have a brother and a sister, Ashley and Bryan. Ashley, a ¨Type-A¨ girl, always tried to be perfect in every situation. Bryan, a crazy boy who would do anything if you dared him, was one of my best friends since preschool. Then there's me, the kid who is quiet around everyone except around family. When we finished getting ready, we walked downstairs to eat breakfast.

¨You guys are not going to school,¨ my mom calmly said.

¨Well I'm going back to bed then,¨ I mumbled to myself.

¨You can go to bed after I give the good news. We are going on a cruise to a Pacific island!¨


The People Who Gave A Voice To The Voiceless

By Maggie Brown

Imagine the color-changing rows of delicate grapes. Behind their beauty, there is a horrible secret within the twisty, fruit-filled vines. Backs sweating and head aching in the hot sun, the vineyard workers labored through rows of grapes over 100 acres just for your snackable needs, and it was not until two activists, Mexican-Americans Cesar Chaves and Gary Soto changed things for the good. Even though they were born decades a part and never met, these former migrant workers shared many similarities in their backgrounds and experiences, values, and their characteristics that are evident in their work and accomplishments.


The Ocean Runs Deep

By Tristan Estrada

There was a ten-year-old boy who lived alone, who was me, Robert. At a young age, I was removed from my father. I really do not know his name. When I think about my dad I feel a sense of sadness and darkness which makes me feel very lonely. I’m a survivor because I have been living all by myself and I’ve been stealing to eat so I don’t starve. I lay down in the little treehouse that I found.

I think about how my dad was and what he did for a living, What did he do to make himself disappear? Or what did I do to make him?

I look out my window, the sunlight shining bright like a diamond. I wake up to nobody but, when I look out my little window, I see kids getting love by their father. I say to myself, “Where is my love that my father should be giving me? Where is my dad?”


“What are you wearing today?”

By Francesca Padilla

School dress codes were made to make the school environment more conducive to learning; often times it’s the opposite. I’ve written this persuasive essay to prove how dress code rules have a bad influence on young girls that could ultimately influence the way they act socially and how they feel about their bodies. According to 2007-2008 statistics from, 54% of schools in the U.S. enforce a strict dress code. Dress code teaches girls to feel ashamed or guilty for dressing the way they choose to dress. To further my point, I suggest you read the rest of my essay.

School dress code conflicts have been trending on the internet for the past few months. People are debating whether or not schools are enforcing rules in ways that discriminate towards girls. A viral video initially meant to instruct students at Marcus High School on the dress-code policy was heavily criticized for taking girls as being “rule violators”. In my opinion, I believe that if we have a right to free speech, why shouldn't we have a right to dress the way we want to dress? Clothes are a form of showing who you are, what your hobbies are, or maybe even a religion you believe in.


Drifting Away

By Kendall Caton

If only I knew I would be stranded on a deserted island within twenty four hours of my plane ride to beautiful Cancun. I had planned to visit my cousins Emerson and Avery who are twenty four year old twins, with black curly hair and hazel eyes. My cousins and I are all really close although we live in different countries.

My name is Klay. And I am a twenty two year old woman, with very curly brown hair and brown eyes. I have lived in North Carolina all my life. I have wanted to pursue my career in Track and Field, since I was a nine year old girl. And these are the weeks where my life slowly drifted away...

The breeze roared in my face as I stepped onto the ramp leading to the colossal plane on June 5,, 2018 at two pm. My hair twirled in the wind as I slowly went step by step through the ramp. I scanned the uncomfortable and knew-would-be-itchy-seats as I looked for my section, where I would soon sit. Row fifteen, seat three. And only fifteen minutes after, we set off to Cancun…



By Kenzie Sprague

The Fast Horse

The graceful horse

Running past the hay bales

Fast as a cheetah

The Beautiful Horse

The horse fast and slick

His tail black as night and swift

As shiny as sand

Friendships Last Forever

Friendly and funny

friendship will last forever

He will cheer you up

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