‘Yes’ on B for quality of life

Letter to the Editor

By I-T letters

Editor, Index-Tribune:

I have lived in Sonoma since 1978 and owned a business in town for 23 years. I was always pleased and impressed to have local people support me. We have to continue to support the local people who come downtown to shop, eat and meet friends in the Plaza. Measure B will insure that small hotels will continue to be a source of tourism (who wants to stay in a huge facility?) and still encourage the local people (who keep this town afloat during the winter months) to be an active part in our community.

I’m voting “yes” on Measure B and thanking Larry Barnett for organizing those of us who truly care about our quality of life in Sonoma.

Dee Mathews





  • bob edwards

    Dee – On election day, I think you will be in the majority. A BIG majority. Yes on B.