What’s a big hotel

Letter to the Editor

By I-T letters

Editor, Index-Tribune:

I was driving around town today, kind of counting the election signs and I saw a new one that said something like, “Stops big hotels.”

I thought about that for a while and, since I’ve traveled a bit, I got to wondering what the range in hotel sizes actually is.

When I got home, I asked Google: How many rooms in an average hotel? There were, of course, a great number of results.

One of the results came from statisticbrain.com. They provided a table from which I copied this information: The average number of rooms in full-service hotels is 290 with an average 66 percent occupancy.

The average number of rooms in limited-service hotels is 114 with 68.4 percent occupancy.

Based on this limited query, a hotel with 59 rooms doesn’t seem to constitute a “big” hotel. Thought folks might like to know.

Dave Brummett, Ed.D.


  • Jim Pacheco

    Mr. Brummett, size is relative. A 59 room hotel in New York City is not big, but it is big in Sonoma. I don’t think anyone would want an average size New York building built in Sonoma. Even a 10 story building is small in New York, but large in Sonoma.

  • Mike Stephens

    What is Mr. Pacheco smoking? 10 stories? Have you spent anytime looking at the plans for the hotel? I bet you haven’t! 59 room hotel is small in anywhere USA! It is certainly small for Sonoma too! This is a hotel, not a motel or bed and breakfast. Every world class destination has them.! Judging my the plans for this hotel it will be exquisite and certainly no where near 10 stories. No one in this town would vote for approval of any such development. I really suggest you hang out Healdsburg one day or evening and look at their 2 hotels. It works out very nicely! It will keep people coming to town in the winter months and spending money and provide a building that one day will be historical, unlike the other hideous buildings past councils have allowed to build. Vote No on Measure B if you care about Sonoma!