It wasn’t 40, it was 536

Letter to the Editor


Editor, Index-Tribune:

I will keep this brief and civil. I have thought, in general, your editorials have been reasonable and objective. I feel you missed the mark in both respects with the Oct. 4 editorial (“The tyranny of minority rule”). You are blaming 40 people for shutting down the government. It isn’t 40, it is 536. It didn’t start with this administration, it started with the previous one. I remember one instance when the president asked for $110 billion and he got back a bill for $135 billion. It looked like a Christmas tree. What was he going to do, veto it?

This administration started with a super majority. It passed the Affordable Care Act in the middle of the night without one Republican vote. They couldn’t pass a budget. They haven’t passed a budget during this administration. You are blaming 40 people for shutting down the government. I won’t go into the arguments advanced by both sides. I want to keep this brief and printable

Charles Avery


  • Phineas Worthington

    Most people emote rather than think about the facts.

  • Tom Sokolowski

    Charles, the House Republicans are the ones who refused to pass a continuing resolution given to them and voted on by the Senate to fund our government without attaching a defunding of the Obamcare amendment to the resolution. You can’t reasonably conflate Republicans with all of those who voted to fund our government. The House Republicans are the ones who have gone crazy trying to defund it (40 failed attempts in the House by those same House Republicans). Even your failed Republican Presidential candidate ran on defunding Obamacare.

    All that the House Republicans have to do is to pass a clean continuing resolution to fund our government, and the shutdown will end.

    Although you don’t seem to care for the Affordable Care Act personally, it was passed fair and square by our Congress, ruled Constitutional by our Supreme Court, and signed into law by our President. It is the legal law of the land, and if you don’t like it, you can use legitimate and legal means to fight it. Instead Republicans mean to immorally extort the American publican by shutting down many needed government services to America’s detriment.

    The Republicans shoulder all the blame for this shutdown, and for a group that so strongly advocates personal responsibility and integrity, I don’t understand why they have neither.

    • Phineas Worthington

      You project Tom.