Time to shut down Safeway driveway?

By I-T letters

Editor, Index-Tribune:

Last week, I saw yet another major accident on Fifth Street West near Safeway – a motorcyclist heading north, struck by a car turning into the Safeway parking lot.

Less than a year ago, my teenage son and his friend were run down by an elderly driver just a block away, at the Sassarini crosswalk. While they survived, both were seriously injured.

And two weeks after that accident, a man was run down and killed at the Safeway crosswalk. This is now three major accidents on that small stretch of road in less than a year, and these are just the ones that I personally happened upon.

After my son’s accident, and then the fatality that soon followed, there was a City Council meeting to discuss solutions. Many proposals were made but, to the best of my knowledge, nothing was ever done.

It’s time to shut down the Fifth Street West driveway access to Safeway. There is simply too much traffic chaos and cars coming from all directions. It’s a disaster in the making, and there have already been many.

Steve Meloan


  • Phineas Worthington

    Sounds like a simple solution to a very serious problem with 5th st traffic. That pedestrian walkway is extremely dangerous even with the safety modifications installed.

    Traffic management is a serious issue in need of a remedy here in Sonoma. Better pedestrian traffic management on the square, Hwy 12 through traffic by-pass, and pedestrian walkway overpasses or underpasses on busy and accident prone streets would be a good ideas to consider.

    Another issue nearby is the Jerry’s car wash cut-through. No one can turn west bound from the south onto Napa St after rush hour begins, so they use the light at Staples. And people avoid the Napa St traffic cutting through onto Studley then race down to 5th st. And I am certain that others have more issues to share.

  • Chris Scott

    This has to have been suggested a lot before it’s pretty obvious. Stop left turns into or out of the Safeway 5th St west driveway by traffic ordinance and installing a median barrier (i.e., curbing.)

    Left turns there across traffic are both dangerous and tie up traffic in both directions as cars line up waiting for the driver turning left. Lots of people will holler how inconvenient it will be for them. They will get over it, or not.