Thieves steal ATM in early morning heist


Thieves took an ATM from Bonneau’s Tire Auto Services Center, 23003 Arnold Drive, early Saturday morning.

According to Sgt. Vance Eaton, with the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, at about 4 a.m., the Sheriff’s Office received an alarm activation from Bonneau’s.

Deputies discovered the front doors to the business had been forced open, and someone had forcibly removed the ATM from its floor-mounted position inside the business. It was determined that the suspects had arrived in a vehicle, described as a white commercial van with lettering on the side. An extensive area search by multiple law enforcement agencies did not locate the van or the suspects.

Anyone with information regarding this crime is encouraged to call the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office at 565-2121.

  • Jack Shmollie

    Gutsy move . any surveillance video ? Is this a federal crime ? It’s akin to bank robbery .

  • Phoenix Featherstone

    Bravo!! It happened in S.F. some 10 years ago. Some guy walked into a bar, said he was here to collect the ATM machine as the company was updating it with a new one that was to be delivered ( the next day?? ) Welcome to the Jungle.