Who are the terrorists?



Editor, Index-Tribune:

Israel accuses the militant Hamas of terrorism and insists on the right to defend itself. But Israel hasn’t always been in charge. Sixty-eight years ago, the Jews in Palestine felt the oppression of the British Mandate. A group of revisionist Zionists formed a military, right-wing group called the IRGUN to form a Jewish state by any means, and it was commanded by Menachen Begin from 1943 to 1948.

He gave the order to bomb British headquarters at the King David hotel in Jerusalem, on July 22, 1946, that killed 13 British soldiers, 68 civilians – both Arabs and Jews – with 46 non-fatal causalities. Begin was vilified for his brutality by David Ben Gurion, later Israel’s first Prime Minister.

Begin’s defense was that he gave forewarning of the bomb. How was Begin later received?

His IRGUN became the Herut Party, and later the militant LIKUD party, under which he became the sixth Prime Minister. Later, in 1978, he was co-awarded the Nobel Peace prize, and in 2004 the Heritage Center in Jerusalem was named for him. It is now his same evolving Israel that continues to oppress the occupied Gaza Strip, refuses to acknowledge the democratically elected Hamas and kills the Gazans, “as long as necessary,” with the same defense of having forewarned them of the invasion.

Bob Gmelin


  • Phineas Worthington

    Much history precedes the King David Hotel incident. That context is important and it is omitted in your very biased letter.

    The palestinians have fallen under the spell of the radical Islamists who govern, pardon, control them by crude gangsterism. It is a death cult that seeks the genocidal destruction of Israel explicitly. There will be peace when they reject that ideology.

  • http://www.gorbachfinancial.com/ Howard Gorbach

    Mr. Gmelin,
    I too, agree totally with Phineas Worthington’s response to your more than obvious extremely narrow minded biased view of the history of the situation there and the current conflict. How easy for you to condemn the co-awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Begin without listing the other person that shared it–yes, none other than that lovely peacemaker (puke) Yassar Arafat. Israel made him and the Palestinians a very reasonable fair offer for land years ago that he had the stupidity toi turn down. What a peacemaker!! He really deserved the prize–NOT. You carefully cherry pick little pieces from Israel’s history in a carefully calculated way to support your biased views! What a joke for you to give any credence to Hamas because they were “democratically elected”. What a mistake the Palestinians made to elect such a violent militant group. They care nothing about the average Palestinian’s lives as is clearly witnessed by how they place armaments and weapons & terrorists in the midst of neighborhoods and schools and mosques. They hope Israel will hit those targets, cause great civilian losses so they can advance their sick causes to the world media. They use Palestinian lives in that way. I heard no mention of that. I heard no mention of the countless days ever since Gaza was given to the Palestinians where an ever expanding missle launching military policy/practice by Hamas has gone on daily and in this latest conflict over 3000 missles have been launched towrads targets all over Israel. I guess that’s OK.I did not hear how the Hamas trashed the Gaza and started using it as a site to smuggle in major destructive weapons (Thank you, Iran) and dig tunnels where land could have been cultivated. How I did not hear that Hamas, this Democratically elected militant regime, does not recognize Israel’s right to exist and is sworn to kill them all and hope they drown in the sea or worse is also very interesting. How convenient for the advancement of your transparent argument to omit those pieces of information. How beautifully convenient for your argument. You have probably been biased against Jews for many years and this is just another convenient opportunity to state your venom.

    Both sides there have certainly had a hand in this decades old tragedy. They both need to sit down and let their hearts lead their planning and decision making and make things livable for both to comfortably exist. It takes mutual respect, compromise, love, compassion and a true desire for peaceful co-existence. All your article does is inflame an anti-Jewish vibe and it is so easy to see. Your article disgusts me.

    • Phineas Worthington

      There is a propaganda war being waged a couple clicks away in social media. Rank, unadulterated Jew hatred is on full display for the whole world to see because people have no shame and are unafraid to show it anymore. And so many people in the west can no longer discern right from wrong due to the epidemic of moral relativism in the culture.

  • Fred Allebach

    Howard, this is good: “Both sides there have certainly had a hand in this decades old tragedy.
    They both need to sit down and let their hearts lead their planning and
    decision making and make things livable for both to comfortably exist.
    It takes mutual respect, compromise, love, compassion and a true desire
    for peaceful co-existence.”

    • Fred Allebach

      an addition problem, I nearly always disagree completely with Phineas Worthington (great Ayn Rand name!), yet you totally agree with him here, yet I agree with your conclusion but disagree with the Phin-meister’s spin, must be some of that crazy moral relativism happening

      • Phineas Worthington

        Fred, over at the LA Times, Ayn Rand is winning the contest for first female on our currency to replace Jackson. Thoughts?

        I am laughing at your idea of Hamas coexisting, thanks for the chuckle.

    • Robert Piazza

      Coexist? Fred, Muslims haven’t been able to coexist with themselves let alone anyone else since 630 AD. What makes you think anything has changed their culture?
      They demand submission to Islam or death! There is no alternative.
      Wake up and see them for what they are.

      • Phineas Worthington

        I always get a good laugh when I see that silly coexist bumper sticker. Especially when it shares bumper space with a free Palestine sticker.

  • Robert Piazza

    By your definition Menachen Begin and IRGUN could be compared with George Washington and and the colonists!
    Please remember the Jews occupied the Middle East long before Christianity and certainly before Islam! What is now Israel was Jewish lands from the days of Abraham.
    Personally, I’d prefer an Israeli as an ally rather than a Palestinian!
    My forefathers conquered North Africa and the entire Med coast line and held it for several hundred years. It wasn’t theirs, it belonged to the Jews and they have it back and should protect it at all costs!

    • Phineas Worthington

      I agree. Its important for people to understand that the land recognized as the Jewish state was not stolen as the blood libel says. That land was freely purchased by Jews returning for over a century to the ME prior to the creation of Israel.

  • Robert Piazza

    Another thought!
    “History lessons are often incredibly simple and blunt, yet for all our powers of reason, we often miss the most basic and uncomplicated of points: peace-loving Muslims have been made
    irrelevant by their silence. Peace-loving Muslims will become our enemy, if they
    don’t speak up, because they will awaken one day and find that the fanatics own them, and the end of their world will have begun.” Author unknown!

    • Phineas Worthington

      We once had a Radio Free America broadcast into the Soviet Empire. I think we need a similar outreach to the Muslim world in the new platforms of social media to empower the moderates with liberty oriented ideas. Heck, we could use that here!