Tasting room surcharge to save maternity ward?

Letter to the Editor


Editor, Index-Tribune:

Perhaps one need only look at David Bolling’s editorial, “Tasting Room Questions,” (Index-Tribune, Jan. 21) for an answer to Kelly Mather’s op-ed column, “What It Will Take to Save Obstetrics,” flanking the other side of the same page. Would a 50-cent surcharge on a glass of wine at a tasting room help to sustain our hospital’s vital obstetrics program?

Carol Marcus


  • Dee Test

    ? .50 cent surcharge per glass?! To sustain an expensive program that can’t induce enough users to make it viable? ? When there are a multitude of more “vital” community priorities? Get real.

  • Robert Piazza

    Another TAX to pay for the perceived needs of a minority!
    When will it stop?
    We have two children who are in their 40’s. The hospital, in both cases, was just as far away as Santa Rosa or Petaluma. I don’t see the point here!

    • The Village Idiot

      Driving a half-hour or 45 minutes to a hospital was no sweat for you but I bet your wife really loved that lomng, long drive when she was in labor. If it was your legs spread on the table grunting out your kids,you might have a different appreciation for a 1st class OB unit a short drive away. Your comment is typical of a right-wing woman-hating Republican who can’t stand the fact that you have to live with women and minorities.

      • Robert Piazza

        A lot of conclusions you’re making about my politics, which have nothing to do with the subject matter.
        Your name explains it all!

      • Anne Shapiro

        Thank you once again Mr.V.O! You have made my day with your joyous perspective.

      • Phineas Worthington

        VI, my son was born at Kaiser in Santa Rosa. No problem. Son’s mother loved them. Their maternity ward was top notch.

  • Phineas Worthington

    Taking what one has earned by force and giving it to another who did not earn it is the opposite of justice, though it might well be legal.