How to stop jihadists?

Letter to the Editor

By I-T Letters

Editor, Index-Tribune:

History has shown us how to stop Islamic fanatics from mowing down masses of innocent non-Islamics so they can get a quick passage to the Great Oasis In The Sky, promised to all who kill unbelievers, where they will enjoy a non-stop party with beautiful woman, great food and music, and a river of wine that doesn’t give hangovers or beget fighting.

It was in the Philippines, after the American takeover of those islands following the Spanish-American War in 1900. The Moros were killing all the unbelievers they could with their machetes when they decided to go on jihad.

The U.S. Army put a stop to all that by rounding up all the local Moros, after they had killed a jihadist and made them witness bacon being stuffed in the jihadist’s mouth before he was put in his grave and covered over. It being an Islamic belief that any follower of Islam who eats pork can’t go to paradise, the jihadist’s desires were thwarted and he was doomed to hell.

This, along with the much-improved American government over that of the Spanish (when the church owned 50 percent of the land and paid no taxes), brought peace.

So, for the cost of a few pounds of bacon we could stamp out jihadism!

E. H. Broudreau


  • Phineas Worthington

    Or cremate them.

  • Chris Scott

    Mr Broudreau;
    There are not enough words in the English language, or any language, to describe how disgusting, despicable, offensive and shocking your comments are. Notwithstanding such actions are now considered war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Geneva Conventions to which the United States is a signatory.

    You have many companions who also believe in the ends justify the means. Al Qaeda did when on 9/11 when they destroyed the World Trade Center, and they still do.

    Thankfully, and by the grace of God, more civilized minds and voices have prevailed. Unfortunately we have to add, not all of the time. Barbarism still exists in the world and among peoples. The many wars in Africa today unequivocally pay testament to that.

    I hope in a quiet moment with your God you reflect upon this come to a change of heart and view.

    Mr Worthington,
    From all your past posts I would never have thought you would seemly echo or condone such a comment nor entertain such thoughts.

    • Phineas Worthington

      Mr. Scott, why should the burial rights of people who commit religious violence be respected? We can dispose of their bodies and respect our values too by cremating them. And thereby make death less attractive to those who worship death more than we love life. I suggest we make it official policy. I care about the victims far more than the rights of the perpetrators of religious violence.