When the fishing is slow and the weather is bad, I sometimes surf the Web just to see what other bored anglers are doing to pass the time. I always find a crazy new gadget or two invented by some fishing-starved guy who’s been cooped up in his garage too long.

This week, something called the “Tactibite Fish Call” caught my attention, mainly because it seemed to combine two sports, fishing and football, into one.

The Tactibite is kind of pricey at $99, but if I did get one, I’d probably need one of my sons, Chris or Ryan, to go fishing with me, because they both still have pretty good arms.

They need to go fishing with me because this device, invented by Louisiana residents, 17-year-old Jack Danos and his father, Jeff, must be thrown into the water near a likely fishing spot.

Tactibite is shaped like a mini Nerf football and has an attached anchor so it stays in one place emitting sounds and vibrations that its inventors say attract nearby fish.

These sounds drive the fish into a feeding frenzy, anglers cast their lures or baited hooks near it, the fish bite and the anglers shout “Fish on!”

I went to thefishcall.com Website and was able to watch several videos in which anglers are hooting and hollering about the merits of the fish call device as they pull in fish after fish.

I’m uncertain how well the Tactibite would work in a river, especially in faster-moving water, and I’m not sure how easily it could be retrieved under those conditions, but if price were no object and I fished a lot of still water, I’d be tempted, provided I had a quarterback along with me to throw it to the right spot.

Check it out at thefishcall.com.

Finding a place to fish right now is pretty much confined to San Francisco Bay particularly the northern San Pablo Bay section, including the famous sturgeon triangle.

The exception seems to be the Napa River, where sturgeon anglers are finding sturgeon from the Highway 29 Bride south. To get updated reports and directions on where to fish, check in with Sweeney’s Sports in Napa. The store is at 1537 W. Imola Ave., about a 15- to 20-minute drive from Sonoma.

All of the freshwater runoff this week plus some excellent tides will make for the best kind of sturgeon in the bay. You can book a party boat through Keith Fraser at Loch Lomond Bait Shop in San Rafael 415-456-0321, or drive to McNear Park in Marin and fish off the pier there. Nearby is China Camp which also offers good shore fishing for sturgeon.

Most rivers north of us where I fish for trout and steelhead are still too high to fish, and I’m not seeing any reports on lake fishing either.

Weather permitting, Capt. Rick Powers at Bodega Bay Sportsfishing is taking anglers out for crab and sand dab fishing. Call Rick at 875-2244.