Sunday was opening day for the National Football League and there was a whole rasher of games on TV including the 49ers and the Raiders.

It usually takes me a couple of weeks to get into football because more often than not, the Giants are in playoff contention and that was always more interesting than the NFL week one or week two or …

The Giants are out of contention and have been since about, oh May Day or thereabouts. No October baseball for us.

I did have the TV on most of Sunday, but it wasn’t watching the 49ers or the Raiders or whatever other games were on.

I spent most of Sunday watching the coverage of Hurricane Irma. Oh, I flipped over to the 49ers a couple of times to see what was going on.

But Sunday, a natural disaster was more riveting than a man-made disaster such as the 49ers. Sometimes, there are things that push sports to the back burner.

Hurricane Irma was one of those events.

One of the things that made it more compelling is that it was the second monster hurricane in the last two weeks.

We haven’t even wrapped our minds around all the damage Hurricane Harvey caused in the Houston area and now we’ve got Irma who chewed up numerous islands in the Caribbean before turning her fury on Florida.

Hurricanes are no fun. When I lived in Louisiana in the mid-1980s, we had four storms batter the state one year, although none of them were anywhere near severe as Harvey or Irma.

I was out in the storms taking pictures for the Opelousas Daily World, and while we were far enough inland to miss the brunt of the, we still got soaked and had winds that toppled numerous water oaks, which have a real shallow root structure.

It was still scary.

I can’t imagine looking at a Category 4 storm heading toward my town.

Watching the coverage of Harvey and Irma, I can’t imagine what those people in Houston and in Florida are going through and what they’re going home to.

After seeing the flooding in Houston and the destruction in both Houston and the entire Florida peninsula, what happens on the first Sunday – or any other day of football season or baseball season or whatever season it may be, is irrelevant.

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