Spare the air is criminal

Letter to the Editor


Editor, Index-Tribune:

I’ve wanted to address this issue for the last three years and finally have the opportunity to do so. I completely agree with Roger Hartley, who wrote the Op-Ed article that appeared in the Sonoma Index-Tribune on Jan. 7 (“Our air does not need to be spared”).

Those many, and I mean many unnecessary “spare the air days” announced during the holiday months of November and December – every year – are simply criminal.

Again, I concur and thank Roger Hartley for bringing the matter of “spare the air” to the attention of our general public.

Linda L. McGarr


  • duboce

    Now how many times have you heard on just about any matter, “if it saves one life, it is worth the cost?” This phrase can be applied to any ’cause’ that is in fashion at the time.