Sonoma is not an exclusive fraternity

Letter to the Editor


Editor, Index-Tribune:

I’m so relieved Sonoma voters struck down the ill-written Measure B. The people who want to “save” Sonoma at all costs, just cost the taxpayers an estimated $35,000 for an unnecessary election.

I just wish the proponents and writers of this measure would have to pay the costs for this election. If there were a financial penalty, maybe some of the ill-advised legislation California is so known for would go away. The defeat of Measure B doesn’t mean Sonoma will lose its small-town flavor. We have processes in place to monitor planning as well as design review. We will never have mega resorts within the city limits.

I work for Sonoma County Tourism – and I live outside city limits – but I’m speaking as a private citizen who doesn’t want her town to end up exclusive, snobby, and very expensive because the inventory for rooms is too low.

During the campaign, I was very insulted by the “yes” group saying they don’t want “those people” in our town – meaning people who are here for business meetings or conferences. Since I travel for business, I’m one of “those” people.

I’m tired of the “I’m now here and I’m shutting the door behind me” attitude. Sonoma is an open and welcoming city, not a closed, exclusive fraternity or country club.

Tina Luster

Agua Caliente

  • Fred Allebach

    Tina, nice insulting, incendiary comment. This is just what we need to move the conversation forward.

  • Dee Test

    Great. Another anti-Measure B proponent, who doesn’t live in town, who doesn’t have to personally confront the negative consequences of massive tourist expansion, but who financially benefits from the expansion. Another self-serving and insulting individual who would do well to keep her distance from those of us who actually care about Sonoma.

    • Jack Shmollie

      A little touchy I’d say .( responses to the original letter ) So if you don’t live within the city limits , your one of the “outsiders” ? Kind of reminds me of those old westerns . “We don’t take to strangers hangin around town” .I think we should limit the SUV’s , they’re big and I think burn too much gas .So lets come up with an all new measure to say no more than 10 SUV’s can be sold in city limits each year .I don’t like development and tourists crowding the roads either . I don’t like it when there is a good special at the grocery store and find that somebody has bought up all those items . I think there are segments of the population that should practice birth control .Too many mothers with two toddlers and one in the stroller . I see people in the grocery store using public assistance to pay for their groceries and then driving away in some fancy car . As a matter of fact I think we should just fence in the city limits and check every car trying to enter and make sure they pay a visitors fee to help pay for another $35,000 boondoggle of a measure . I’m here now and everybody else can go to Santa Rosa , or someplace other than my back yard . And while I’m at it “Bahh Humbug” !