Show them no mercy



Editor, Index-Tribune:

An extreme case of too little wine in too tall a glass has captivated restaurant marketing geniuses. Wine glasses are bigger by an inch, wine has shrunk to 4 ounces from 6 ounces, and the price has increased by $2.

What a great combination of marketing strategies – bigger and smaller for more money.

From a recent Index-Tribune letter, price gouging is happening in local businesses and residential rental rates. There is no mercy in a pure capitalist’s heart. It’s the bottom line and nothing else matters. Where is the breaking point of our middle class?

Fred Burger


  • Phineas Worthington

    Its not capitalism that is to blame, its fiat currency that is at fault. It is called inflation of the money supply and it causes the diminishing purchasing power of the dollar. And it is the current policy of the Federal Reserve to increase it even more. Wake up people, we need a stable strong dollar.