What about the shop owners?


Editor, Index-Tribune:

Has anyone ever thought about what will happen to the local owners of the shops on West Napa Street that will be torn down to accommodate this hotel?

They pay taxes, hire people to work in their stores, shop locally. This doesn’t sound like a very neighborly thought-out plan.

Maybe the hotel will give them a job making beds and cleaning toilets.

Vote “yes” on B and save Sonoma.

Steve Cook


  (Editor’s note: If a hotel is built on the proposed West Napa Street location, one shop, a tenant of the building site’s owner, will have to be relocated.)


  • Mike Stephens

    Huh? Who is Steve Cook? Clearly he is CLUELESS. Where have you been? There is no retail that will be displaced other than the French Store that is owned by the developer. Ask all the shops on this section of the street and on the square and they are Voting NO on Measure B. It will keep their shops in business and thriving. It is really amusing seeing the lack of knowledge the Yes on B side demonstrates by their laughable letters to the editor. For your sake Steve Cook, I certainly hope you are an elementary student that doesn’t know better..

  • Jim Pacheco

    Editor, where were you when opponents of Measure B said that 4/5th vote of the City Council was required to approve a hotel of 25 rooms or less? Clearly a false statement, as the existing process does not change for any proposed hotel of 25 rooms or less. I welcome you clarifying statements, but why only on a letter in favor of Measure B, and not those opposed to Measure B.

    And of course there is the Index Tribune building that will be torn down. What is to happen to all of the employees when all of the newsroom process is shifted to the Press Democrat in Santa Rosa. I have heard nothing about what happens to the I-T.

  • Mike Stephens

    I can’t wait for the smart attorney to figure out how to build multiple 25 room hotels but make it all look like the same hotel! Measure B will then prove to be not only a waste of taxpayers money, but a complete waste of time! Move on Mr. Barnett!