Seniors need Senior Wellness program



Editor, Index-Tribune

This is my take on the closing of the Senior Wellness program at Sonoma Valley Hospital and the July 22 letter by Lynnette Peters (“Bring back Senior Wellness program”).

More than a year ago, I wrote to the Index-Tribune regarding the closure of the Cardiac Rehab program at Sonoma Valley Hospital. The program was extremely helpful for any patient or senior who had cardiovascular issues that would be benefited by a supervised exercise program.

Specifically, patients with recent heart procedures were put on monitors by our wonderful R.N., Maureen McGrane. After we were given the go-ahead by our physicians, we were then able to keep going for rehabilitation purposes.

Something over a year ago, the program was redesigned as “Senior Wellness.” This is a fine alternative, although any person needing to be monitored has to go to Napa, Santa Rosa or Marin to receive this service – a major problem involving time and travel for those most in need.

The Senior Wellness program is run by Roberta King, and she helps in many areas to keep us healthy. She works with exercise, yoga and other areas we need to keep fit.

Not having an R.N. saved the hospital quite a bit, but they are still losing money. They then gave us an option with Compass/Parkpoint Health Club, starting at $50 a month, using the facility on Tuesdays during regular hours, on Thursdays 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. and Fridays during regular business hours. This offer is for an introductory period of three months, and you may be considered for a discount after this time.

I agree with Lynnette Peters and 50 other seniors who need the Senior Wellness program – find a way to keep this program open.

Rich Caselli, D.D.S.


  • Dee Test

    Due to Obamacare financial constraints on hospitals (and other medical providers), 1/3 of small hospitals are projected to close within the next decade. Hospitals that previously focused upon the sickest of our population – the disabled and our seniors – were previously able to “make ends meet” because Medicare reimbursements were better than those from Medicaid (MediCal in California). Since hospitals will now be so strapped, especially in regards to caring for the Medicare population, programs like “Senior Wellness” will fall to the wayside.

    On the other hand, the 62 billion $$ that was usurped from Medicare, was forked over to construct all the new ObamaClinics……..including the new Community Clinic on Highway 12 in Sonoma. Those clinics will now have items like “free” dental care, as well as many other services being paid for with those funds. So our seniors may have lost out, but the clinic patients have scored well.