Save the Fryer Creek ducks



Editor, Index-Tribune:

The explanation about the “real fix for Fryer Creek” (Index-Tribune Op-Ed, Aug. 8) by Grant Davis, general manager of the Sonoma County Water Agency, is a politically correct piece, obviously written without a site visit.

Davis discusses non-native fish and vegetation, and mentions the large restoration work that the Sonoma Ecology Center has done, and flood control.

I have walked the creek for 10 years and have never seen flooding. Neither have neighbors who have lived here for a much longer period. The native grasses and trees that were planted by the Ecology Center are virtually non-existent. The fact that the planted trees will eventually create a riparian canopy is ludicrous. I doubt any of us will be alive if and when that were to occur.

Regardless, my aim is not to dispute the article, but to create awareness for the suffering family of ducks that continue to live in the area. They have obviously imprinted on this one, small section of the creek and, unlike statements made by officials, haven’t miraculously moved downstream to Shangri-La conditions.

These 12 ducks are in bad shape, living under the pedestrian bridge with no water. They are prone to attacks by cats and dogs without the deeper water for protection, not to mention their loss of food supply. One duck, in particular, having all white feathers, now is stained with mud.

Perhaps the Index-Tribune will come take a photo prompting some animal group to relocate the ducks now living in a dry creek bed filled with debris.


Ellen Shannahan



  • Deborah Stroski

    East Side Rescue is monitoring these animals three times a week and giving them very healthy vitamin rich supplements. Most of these ducks are native so they are protected by federal law-or we would have already moved them. Many of the mallards are capable of flying to other sources of water. Ecology center is working with us to provide native plant life to shade the non native weed growing to block water flow. It took over five days to capture a wild duck with an arrow in its head so getting these ducks removed to a better water source is very difficult. Please understand that we are doing all we can-and I simply pray for rain and some other organization to block the drainage hole that removed much of this water source. The Ecology Center-is responsible for planting native plants and trees and we are in a drought so growth of these specimens will slow down due to the lack of water. I wish I had a magic wand but many are mix breeds due to people dropping off ducks that they purchased for some child at Easter and got tired of cleaning up after them-so now many do not fly and cannot find other resources. East Side Rescue is doing the best we can with no financial help from the public. We spend close to 150 per month of avicon vitamins for birds and high quality grains. So at ;least these birds are getting a good diet.