We’re romantic – what’s to complain about?



Editor, Index-Tribune:

Regarding Sonoma’s selection as one of America’s most romantic cities, I was taught in rhetoric class that a rhetorical question is poor writing.

Please forgive me for the following; it seemed the most efficient way to make my point. How many more accolades must be bestowed upon our wonderful city before the complainers, reactionaries and otherwise discontented people in Sonoma relax a bit about the manner in which this city is and has been managed?

Bill D’Allaird

Glen Ellen

  • Anne Shapiro

    The voice of the people…complaining, reactionary or discontented, has always been an active part of the management of this wonderful city. The powers that be do not operate in some power vacuum. A lot of what Sonoma is has been because the people are not afraid to speak up and let our concerns, desires and creative thought flow and influence the direction of the decision makers. Hopefully, thus it shall ever be.

    • David Eichar

      Well said Anne. If the people had not raised their voice in objection over City Hall, we would have the Rosewood Resort, instead of the Sonoma Overlook trail; a hospital on the Leveroni property instead of cows; and who knows how much sprawl beyond the current city limits to the east, south and west.