Remember when: Buena Vista suitable property for hospital



(From the I-T of Sept. 18, 1942)

Possibilities of acquiring the State Home colony building in Buena Vista as a Sonoma Valley community hospital, now that this suitable property is to be sold by the state, was the highlight feature of the regular meeting of the board of directors of the Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce, held Wednesday night. It was announced last week in the press that the state will shortly dispose of this section of the State Home institution. … The crushing of 1942 grapes at the big cellars of Sam Sebastiani will start here about Sept. 28, and the famous winemaker expects to fill up all his cooperage and duplicate the million and a half gallon of Sonoma vintage shipping during the past year to eastern markets. … Flowery school will open on Monday, Sept. 21. The same four teachers will be in charge again this year. They are Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Rich, Mrs. Olsen and Mrs. Kearney. … Dr. and Mrs. Fred Butler will entertain a group of friends at a barbecue Sunday at their beautiful out-of-door living room at Eldridge. … The big benefit for St. Francis Church on Sept. 25 will be held at St. Francis hall with handsome prizes donated through the generosity of Sam Sebastiani and others. There will be a door prize of $25, first prize of $25, second prize of $10 and many other prizes including fine wines.



(From the I-T of Sept. 20, 1946)

A new church building for the Grace Reformed Church of Sonoma is under construction now on the corner of Second Street East and Chase Avenue. Approved by the Interdenominational Bureau of Church Architecture, the new building will be of strictly modern design, with Spanish belfry, stucco exterior and tile roof. … City Water Company officials announced yesterday that all the 900 feet of water mains and all of the fire hydrants had been put in at the new Veterans Housing Project site along Napa Street and Third Street West. The streets on the project have all been laid out and reports indicate that next week the asphalt surfacing should begin. … A crew went to work Monday assembling and erecting the new 420,000-gallon steel reservoir at the site back of the Vallejo home. The installation of this fine new city improvement should be completed by the first of October. … Now that the telephone poles have been removed along Napa Street fronting the Plaza, Sonoma county equipment is scheduled to come in next week to complete the street work along the city thoroughfare. … The Sonoma Valley Union High School opened Monday with 323 as the enrollment, and evidence that after the fruit harvest and cannery season, many more students will enroll. The Sonoma Grammar School is also recording a record attendance which Principal J. F. Prestwood predicts will be over 400.



(From the I-T of Sept. 23, 1949)

“Hot enough for you?” that so aggravating question always used when the temperature soars, was sad to relate, the favorite question in Sonoma Valley this past week. The big thermometer next door to the I-T registered a warm 101 on Monday, a warmer 203 on Tuesday, and a squeamish 104 on Wednesday afternoon at 3 p.m. … Governor Earl Warren has named Admiral Chas. M. Cooke as a member of the State Board of Education. The Senate must confirm the appointment. Admiral Cooke (retired) is an esteemed resident of Sonoma and highly qualified as a state educator. … The report current the past few weeks that Lucille Palmer will be Sonoma’s new postmaster has confirmation, according to Washington, D.C. … The Sonoma Plaza will be the scene of ceremonies tomorrow attending the presentation by Gen. H. H. (Hap) Arnold of his famous air model collection to the city of Sonoma. … Several hundred Sonoma Valley folks, clad in costumes which bring back the nostalgic remembrances of years gone by and the Old World, will tonight at Little Switzerland sound the prelude to the Valley of the Moon’s Third Annual Vintage Festival on Saturday and Sunday. At 10 a.m. tomorrow, the strains of accordion music from a group of players in the Plaza will “ring the curtain up” on 1949’s biggest and best Vintage show.