Put Tedrick sculpture in roundabout

By Anne Petersen, Sonoma

Editor, Index-Tribune:

I would like to propose the idea to have the center of the Agua Caliente roundabout be a focal point for art. Public art uplifts everyone wherever it’s installed, and that’s a quantifiable fact.
We are lucky enough to have a world-class sculptor, Bryan Tedrick, living among us. Reading articles about his latest, massively-grand and awesomely-gorgeous sculpture, in both the Sonoma Index-Tribune and the San Francisco Chronicle, I think it’s a natural to invite him to install one of his sculptures in the center of the roundabout. World-class destinations deserve world-class public art. It’s a gift that would inspire all who encounter it for generations. And it sets the tone for the whole area that shows our values of beauty, harmony and unity for all.