Being pushed or slapped is not violence?



Editor, Index-Tribune:

David Bolling’s Feb. 18 editorial, “Stop buying gender stereotypes,” cited the misandrist statistic from the United Nations (UN) that “one billion females on the planet will be raped or beaten in her lifetime.” Had Bolling been professional and done a fact check, he would have found that the UN fails to cite any sources for this claim, and that the latest UN report on violence against women, provided by a UN media officer when asked for such, does not make the “one billion” claim.

Technically, the 1 billion number is correct, but only if you equate being “beaten” as having ever experienced any form of physical “violence,” such as being pushed or slapped.

Perhaps Bolling believes these inflated numbers will draw needed attention to the genuine problem of sexual and domestic violence against women. Unfortunately, stretching the definition of “beaten” does a disservice to legitimate victims, not to mention smears the character of men. In the meantime, perhaps Bolling could attempt to distinguish between gender stereotypes and generalizations.

Joe Manthey


  • Chris Scott

    “David Bolling’s Feb. 18 editorial, “Stop buying gender stereotypes,” cited the misandrist statistic from the United Nations …”

    Definition of MISANDRY (Merriam-Webster)
    : a hatred of men
    — mis·an·drist noun or adjective

    misandrist ? Really?

    The next word in the dictionary is misanthrope: a person who does not like other people.

    Example of use:

  • Greg Andresen

    The title of this piece is inaccurate and misleading. The author doesn’t claim that pushing or slapping isn’t violence. Quite the opposite. What he does claim (quite accurately) is that pushing or slapping is far from being ‘beaten’.