Protecting the right to rant of an ignorant duck hunter


Editor, Index-Tribune:

If some ignorant, backwoods duck hunter wants to rant homophobic and racist opinions over the air, no problem. If the company he works for decides to suspend him as a liability for those rants, no problem either. A&E wasn’t out of line at all; they were simply doing business as they saw fit, and suspending him for a couple of weeks was a business decision. It was also a business decision to re-instate him after a couple of weeks of fake right-wing outrage, inaccurately calling his suspension an infringement of free speech.

Of course, when liberal’s make the same kinds of statements they are fired immediately with no discussion or outrage, as in the recent cases of Martin Bashir and Alec Baldwin.

The most recent rant from the ignorant backwoods duck hunter was to encourage men to marry 15 year olds. Let’s see how the right wing responds to that one.

Tom Sokolowski



  • Phineas Worthington

    I know Mexican men who married “women” at 15, just sayin. Its a function of poverty I think.

    I can’t help but think that the producers of the show started it as a way to mock the only group for whom it is acceptable today to sling endless bigoted hateful remarks, the conservative religious white gun-toting southerners. Only then to have it become a raging success.

    • Chris Scott

      Mr Worthington;
      A&E isn’t mocking, far from it. They’re following the tried and truest form of entertainment and making lots of money. The characture and exploitation of cultural subgroups through stereo types. Beverley Hillbillies came well before Duck Dynasty; there’s little difference. No one and everyone is inside and outside the cages at the human zoo – not to be too depressingly cynical.

      “I know Mexican men who married “women” at 15, just sayin. Its a function of poverty I think.”

      • Phineas Worthington

        Very good point. The whole duck dude interview was created as a mean spirited attack on one particular sub group to make them upset and encourage others to pile on. Guess election season has started.

        • Chris Scott

          rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrright !

          • Phineas Worthington

            Didn’t see Sara, don’t care. Didn’t read the interview, don’t care. The discussion is very boring when we are the largest debtor nation in history with the whole world on the verge of war.

  • Wayne Hardy

    I searched high and low and can’t find anything RACIST from the mouth of Mr. Robertson. Anyone care to explain to me what he said that is racist?