Preserve, protect, nurture

Letter to the Editor

By I-T letters

Editor, Index-Tribune:

Preserve Sonoma: Makes me think of canning, pickling and freezing – all those things we do to keep summer’s produce bounty on hand in the dead of winter. We revisit that perfect tomato from our garden, only now it’s from a jar – good, just in a different form. Is that what the Measure B folks want? To hold on to Sonoma exactly as it exists now? To freeze it in time?

Protect Sonoma: Sounds like we’re getting ready to build the Great Wall of Sonoma to keep the marauders out (whoever they might be). I know that’s not what the “No” on B folks have in mind. In fact, I admire and support their efforts to defeat Measure B – an ill-conceived and poorly-drafted initiative that usurps a planning process that has served our town well for years.

Nurture Sonoma: I hope that’s what we all want to do, wholeheartedly, every day. Whether you’re a “Preserver” or a “Protector,” we are truly all in this together. We share the opportunity to create and craft the community we love and are so fortunate to be part of. For me, that means voting no on Measure B.

Sue Simon


  • Mike Stephens

    For me at also means voting No on Measure B! Very well written letter. Thank you for taking an approach that actually makes sense. Preserve what may I ask? Hopefully the historic buildings worthy of preservation, but to nuture empty lots and eye sores throughout town with building and and businesses that keep Sonoma a place of interest and financially secure we must Protect and Nuture. Please vote No on Measure B and if you are not informed on the grave ramifications of voting Measure B, please do your research and make an informed vote.

  • Chris Scott

    Thank you.