Pirate flag ‘kinda fun’



Editor, Index-Tribune:

About that pirate flag, we think that Burgers & Vine should be allowed to keep it! It makes the restaurant look kinda fun. It also makes it look like a family restaurant. Plus, it’s a free county.

That’s why we think they should be able to fly the flag.

Cesar, Elya, Natalie, Leo, Amaro, Christian, Kevin, Alexia, Brian, Tyler, Lyle, Vanessa, Natalia, Esmeralda, Bill, Charlie, Joey, Kamaya, Pablo, Steven, Amalia, Mia, Beatriz, Julian, Brayan, Jacob

Mr. Curley’s third-grade class

El Verano School


  • Mike Stephens

    Haha. Free country you mean? The third grade class should learn rules need to be followed. Perhaps a field trip to our planning and design review departments so they handle their business affairs properly when they are all grown up. Train Town and Mary’s Pizza Shack is for kids.

    • Phineas Worthington

      In some circles, all over the county, I mean country, the Historical Society is called the Histerical Society. Lighten up.