Letters to the Editor, Feb. 28

Pulse still beating thanks to SVH

EDITOR: What a pleasure knowing that this is being read in the “Pulse of the Public” section of the Index-Tribune. Had it not been for the exceptional treatment by the staff at Sonoma Valley Hospital, one would be reading about me in the “Life Tributes/Death Notices instead.

Special recognition goes to Dr. Cynthia Lawdor, who was the ER doctor, and hospital doctor David Streeter. If it weren’t for those two, I certainly wouldn’t be writing this today. Further accolades go to every staff member with whom I came in contact. I apologize for not name them all, but each and every one of them did their jobs professionally and were a joy to be around – even the nurses who were giving me shots and taking my vital signs at all hours of the night.

This leads me to the proposed parcel tax on the March 7 ballot. Please read the endorsement by Jason Walsh, editor, and John Burns, publisher, of the Feb. 7 I-T at sonomanews.com. They say it much better, and with some very pertinent facts, than I ever could. Also, take a few minutes to vote “yes” on Measure B. Wouldn’t it be nice to exceed the 84 percent approval rating experiences in 2002!

Rob Lyon


Decline and fall of the American empire

EDITOR: Are we to have governance – secular and sectarian – against (in every facet of the word) planned parenthood? When the world’s global population over the past scant 100 years has gone from some 2 billion in the 1920s to a present 7.5 billion and counting? Projected to over 11 billion by 2100! Instead we hear about how we’re going to need more prisons, more hospitals, more schools, more housing (blah, blah, blah), to say nothing about (with more and more land covered by housing) how we’re going to feed everybody! Good grief….

How many leaders of this democratic “empire” — it originally founded on intelligence derived from knowledge – have a grip on what happened to other empirical powers in our world’s history — e.g. Assyrian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Persian, Roman, and even English and Spanish – and the factors that marked their decline? (Would be interesting – to feed into a computer program the familiar affecting factors – overpopulation, overexpansion, loss of industries and their unifying reasonably-unified bases while slurping-up cheap goods here made by near-slave labors abroad; diminishment of currency, etc. etc. etc.)

Well, so much for this morning… got to get going on survival.

Tosca Lenci

Boyes Springs

Measure B, a vote for the future

EDITOR: I was on the Finance Committee of the Sonoma Valley Hospital for over three years. During that time I saw the challenges that hospital management faced to try and find enough revenue in order to provide the health care services that our Sonoma community needs and wants.

The vast majority of the operating revenue comes from government programs that do not cover the actual health care costs. And if Mr. Trump and Mr. Price have their way with the Affordable Care Act, they will only make it financially worse for all hospitals.

The parcel tax and the Hospital Foundation’s fundraising both play an important part in keeping our local hospital financially strong. We all have a vested interest in its future. My wife, Connie, and I will be voting to continue the parcel tax on Measure B. We hope you will too.

Phil Woodward


Stop the insanity! Vote ‘no’ on A

EDITOR: I’m writing about the Measure A marijuana-growing tax. A $38 per square foot tax? Vineyards watch out! Organic plant growers take notice! You are next. Measure A, if approved, will drive marijuana back into the hills. This tax makes marijuana real estate the most expensive in the county.

If the voters allow this to happen we will soon have law enforcement and tax collectors entering our neighborhoods at will, looking for tax cheaters. Stop this madness before it starts. Vote “no” on Measure A.

Frank J. Sanchietti