Barroom philosopher

EDITOR: Sometimes I wish I was drunk. I envy a perspective I can only imagine. To laugh when I should cry. To lose my woman to another man. And feel sorrow for the guy. To not know what day it is. And if I should care, and not wonder why.

The wind blows the maple leaves across the street. Turning cartwheels as they go, adorned in autumn’s pigments. The bartender rolls for another round. A gracious loser, it’s his turn to buy. A friend at the end of the bar pipes up about his ex-wife. We all laugh as he tells his tell, thankful he wasn’t married twice. The story always ends with a scotch and soda.

Sports and politics from opposing sides. From armchair quarterbacks and buddies who survived, the warm blood of the trenches. Wiping their friends from their faces and the tears from their eyes.

The joy of a grandson born early that morn, with each cry a prayer for a life untorn.

Oh, a bartender listens to the joy and the woe from all walks of life, from all sorts of souls. And he bring me my drink with a nod and a smile, and I smile back with wisdom and respect. I know he knows; bartenders earn every last cent. I tip him and thank him, it helps pay the rent.

The rent on his stool, this sanctuary, this oasis of solace, where we are all equal.

Eric Heine

Glen Ellen

Hospital, heal thyself!

EDITOR: I am writing about Measure B. I feel the town should know Sonoma Valley Hospital purchased land they cannot afford (“Sonoma Valley Hospital Board Divided Over South Lot,” Jan. 6), and again are asking us to pay for their mistake. They have the option to sell this land they don’t need and not make us pay again for another mistake.

Jan Sides


Keep hospital healthy

EDITOR: Last May I had full knee replacement surgery. Michael Brown of the Prima Medical Group performed the surgery right here in town at our own Sonoma Valley Hospital. What a convenience it was to have the new operating rooms and most competent doctors and staff so close to home. The care was excellent and the nurses attentive, even in the middle of the night, and my family and friends were able to visit daily.

I was also able to go home early because visiting nurses and physical therapists made home calls for the hospital, and their follow up was easy because it was local.

Our Sonoma Valley Hospital is the center of our health system in the Valley. We must do our part to keep it healthy. Please vote for the parcel tax on March 7.

Peter Haywood