Letters to the Editor, Jan. 31 - Feb. 2

The President has no shame

EDITOR: Shame on you Mr. Trump. Have you no shame for desecrating Holocaust Remembrance Day by issuing an executive order halting the immigration of refugees from the awful genocide taking place in Syria and other nations? I am a patriotic American, born in 1935 in Indianapolis, daughter of Jewish refugees from Syria! Your executive order insults millions around the world and betrays how ignorant you are of history. I am astonished that neither your own son-in-law or other members of your staff failed to remind you that in 1939 a ship with 900 Jewish children fleeing Nazi Germany were turned away from our shores and sent back to Germany to face torture and death in Hitler’s concentration camps. I am dismayed that, in effect, you chose to announce an identical policy toward Syrian refugees from violence and genocide and to make that announcement on Holocaust Remembrance Day!

You claim you want to be the President of all Americans, yet your actions betray your words. Your actions betray your ignorance, your lack of compassion, and your insensitivity to the millions of Jewish and Muslim citizens who apparently are not considered by you to be citizens of your America. If you persist in claiming to speak for America, please note for the record that you do not speak for me and you do not speak for the millions you so glibly denigrate and reject.

Shame on you.

Fran Dayan

Patriotic Syrian Jew from Sonoma

Harassed on the east side

EDITOR: My wife and I are being harassed by what we assume to be kids, and for reasons only known to them. We are in our 70s and live on the east side. It started with ringing the doorbell and running. Then a half-eaten cup of chocolate Top That yogurt was thrown at our door. A few months later we were egged on a Friday night. This past Friday evening, while we were out, two rocks went through our front windows ... one caused so much glass to shatter than if our baby grandchild had been sleeping in one of the rooms he would have been covered in glass.

We cannot believe this is happening in Sonoma and to us. We ask that anyone who has any idea of who is doing this – maybe your children have heard some boasting – to please ask whoever it is to stop. We have done nothing to deserve this, and I really can’t imagine what fun there is in throwing rocks through the windows of our home.

This is so disappointing to be happening in our wonderful city.

Rick Wynne


Keep backflow issue moving forward

EDITOR: I’m writing regarding the Valley of the Moon Water District’s plans to install backflow-prevention devices in several district neighborhoods (“The Backflow Backlash,” Jan. 3). Please continue to follow this issue closely; while you cited some examples from years ago, and in other parts of the country, the issue at hand is why now, since some of the home have been “exposed” for over 50 years, without incident.

Please have your reporter follow up and discover that there may be a solution that involves “electronic“ water meters fitted with backflow-prevention devices. Installed by the VOM! These devices apparently are not yet approved; however, the approval may be underway.

That said, I do not know if the VOM Water District has any money set aside for a retrofit, which in the long run saves the district money by being able to read meters remotely (a la PGE smart meters). This would be worth a follow up story. Is there money from the Clean Water Act left?

John Nichols

Sonoma Valley