Letters to the Editor, Dec. 23 - 26

Spirits of Christmas in-the-present

EDITOR: A few days ago I stopped by Patt’s Copy World to ask for their help regarding a project I was creating. Charlie first greeted me and we had a pleasant, meaningful chat. A gentle man is he. Patt was at her computer obviously consumed in concentration with a major task at hand, however, within a minute or two Patt joined Charlie at the counter and they, in tandem, gave me their full attention. It was at that very moment I sensed “the feeling.” What I didn’t realize at the time was there was a “transference” taking place. A mental association. As I stood there listening to them and they listening to me I became very aware that something was happening deep inside of me. Something extraordinarily special. The two of them, standing side by side, were gifting me, through mental telepathy, the soothing, innate Spirit of Christmas. Not thoughts of Santa Claus or spools of ribbon and scotch tape. The very pureness of Spirit.

As I walked out their door into the late afternoon air I became very cognizant of what had just taken place. The true Spirit of Christmas had entered my soul. Patt and Charlie had offered me what they carry inside of their hearts each and every day of the year. I am a most beholden receiver and now a true “believer” in the power of transference. Two extremely beautiful human beings standing side by side exuding their faith of “always giving” onto me. To say the mere words “thank you” seem far from adequate. It was so, so much more than that.

M.M. Poore


Guiding spirit, stubborn conviction

EDITOR: Our thanks to Kathleen Hill and David Templeton for their recent articles on the late Elizabeth Kemp (“Remember Elizabeth Kemp” and “The Ongoing Legacy of Elizabeth Kemp”). Those of us who are her colleagues and friends greatly appreciated the lovely tribute and recognition of her great deeds and unwavering dedication to helping those in need.

The Board of SOS, the Brown Bagger volunteers, the staff all owe a debt of gratitude to Elizabeth, one that cannot be overstated. For most of us she was a colleague and a friend, for some of us she was a mentor. I personally learned a lot from her no nonsense approach to helping others. If you are capable and you see a need in the community – i.e. a soup kitchen – then you do it. You make it happen. And believe me when she put her mind to something you had no doubt what the outcome would be. She was one amazingly determined woman. I admired that stubborn conviction.

One more thing she taught me is that if you are feeling down and life has become a little tedious the best remedy was to volunteer. Do something for others. That advice has helped me immeasurably.

We miss Elizabeth tremendously. She is irreplaceable but we know what we must do. In that no-nonsense spirit of hers we commit ourselves to keeping her legacy alive by doing all we can to feed the hungry and shelter the homeless. Thank you Elizabeth Kemp for your guiding spirit.

Cynthia Vrooman

Sonoma Overnight Support Board President

The Trumpest

EDITOR: This seems the appropriate time to transform Miranda’s words in “The Tempest,” changing them from, “O brave new world, that has such people in it,” to “O depraved old world, that has such creepy people in it.” And Drumpf would be the perfect choice to play Caliban.

James Pendergast