Letters to the Editor, March 6 - 8

The ginkgo tree is 'not going to chase you down the street,' assure letter writer.


If a tree falls

when no one’s around

– does it still smell?

EDITOR: If you’ve got a problem with a tree, you might benefit from a little therapy (“Ginkgo In, Community Room Out,” Feb. 23). A tree is not going to chase you down the street. If you don’t like it just walk away from it. In the words of Waylon Jennings, “If you don’t like the peaches walk on by the tree.” That tree’s been there for years.

How long have you lived in the Valley?

Makeup and perfume where invented because people were ugly and they smelled. Even with all the makeup and perfume in the world people are still ugly and they smell. What’s more natural than a tree? So what if it smells during a specific time of the year. Go somewhere else. I have the rare distinction of having spoken on behalf of a smelly tree.

With all the things that are wrong in the world, you find yourself in conflict with a tree. Our society outlawed a plant, then legalized it when it became taxable and profitable. I’m talking about a plant.

Something that might grow in someone’s garden. A plant is now the source of the great litigation. All it takes is water and sunlight. You can listen to music while it grows. Direct your attention toward matters of greater importance.

Eric Heine

Glen Ellen

To market, to market – jiggity jig!

EDITOR: I was happy to read about the progress of the proposed market for the Cheese Factory (“Cheese Factory Plans Oxbow-Style Market,” March 2). Before we became Sonoma residents, we lived in Napa for 15 years where we saw Oxbow Public Market evolve from its opening year as a curiosity to what it is today: a lively community gathering spot where everyone gets what they want. The high quality of food and beverages and attention to details, like recycling and mostly locally-sourced products, make them an ideal business to have in the neighborhood.

Oxbow is first and foremost about the community, but it also attracts visitors who come to enjoy a wine-country experience while blending in like a local. For those of us who want to retain the unique charm of Sonoma and the Plaza, a market like this will enhance our lives and local business without disrupting the beauty and balance.

Bravo for their careful efforts developers with a conscience is a rare thing to find today!

Kathleen Iudice


Pothole loophole has her stuck in a Sonoma hole…

EDITOR: In mid-November, a vehicle in front of me ran over a pothole late at night around 10 p.m. on Riverside Drive in front of the El Verano Elementary School.

The pothole exploded and smashed the windshield, dented the roof on the right side, bent the wheels on the driver’s side, and flattened the tires of my purple PT Cruiser. I filed a claim with my insurance company the next day.

In early January, Geico denied my claim although I had full coverage and had been a customer of 14 years with a perfect driving record . Geico also dropped me as a customer.

I wrote to 1st District Supervisor Susan Gorin immediately in November 2017 and she advised me to file a claim with the county road department, which I did. I sent in all my receipts for my car repairs which amounted to a whopping $4,000 or so – another explosion to my savings account!

Last week the road department denied my claim also!

Here’s its loophole – if no one has reported the cracked or open pothole, then they are not responsible! Wait a minute.

There are no signs up anywhere that say: report a dangerous pothole.

Everyone I’ve talked to – from the veterans associations, Memorial Day committee members, Sonoma Valley Community Church members, Veterans Cemetery committee members, Sonoma Market employees, Whole Foods employees, Safeway employees and people who were born here, raised here and still live here since the early 1950s – have never heard or read that a person should be reporting a dangerous pothole.

Wait another minute.

This is Sonoma, a small town that claims to be helpful to the people who live here. I have lived here over 10 years and have made many contributions as a volunteer in this town.

Why was I not informed about the county road department’s loophole?

Who can reverse its decision and reimburse me for my bills?

Susan Gorin wrote me that she does not have the power to do this.

Who does? I am not a retired millionaire living out the good life here. I was planning on moving to St. Petersburg, Florida where I am enrolled in a college because Baby Boomers have to keep working somehow in the midst of the takeover by computer tech jobs outnumbering our skill sets. I had my budget for moving in December and now I am stuck in Sonoma.

Reimburse me, County road department, because this is not my fault!

I think these kind of loopholes may be against the law as the public is not informed by any road sign especially in front of an elementary school.

M.S. Wadell

Sonoma Valley