Letters to the Editor, Feb. 13 - 15

Humans and ginkgo trees, happily coexisting on the Sonoma Plaza.


Point of ordure

EDITOR: “Poop trees”? I know you like clever headlines (“City in a Stink Over Plaza ‘Poop Trees,’” Feb. 2), but that is hardly a kind or unbiased way to describe healthy, beautiful, highly visible trees that have graced our Sonoma Plaza for decades. Ginkgo bilobas create a mess and smell for only two months of the year.

Mayor Madolyn Agrimonti hosted a gathering on Feb. 3 next to the condemned tree to discuss the decision. Among the concerned and knowledgeable citizens attending was retired parks superintendent Dave Chavoya, who cared for the Plaza grounds for over 36 years. He described the less than half hour per day regimen for keeping the area clean during fruit season, also noting that it was easy to rinse off their rubber boots afterward.

Our park employees work hard; a volunteer brigade could be formed to perform this task if needed. In any case, it seems clear that more alternatives need to be considered before taking an ax to the problem.

There have been no reports of injuries from slipping on the fruit. This does not have to be a case of humans vs. trees. With a little attention for a couple months a year, we can happily co-exist.

Carol Allison


Dampened expectations

EDITOR: Regarding the recent fire at the former Paul’s Resort (“Blaze Scorches Shuttered Resort,” Jan. 26). Almost two weeks ago many of the residents of Lazzaratto’s Mobile Home Park were awakened at 3 a.m. by banging on our doors and someone yelling, “Fire! Get out now!” This same thing happened back in October.

There was another fire at Paul’s Resort which came over into our park and completely destroyed an apartment and damaged several other structures. My neighbor two doors down lost virtually everything and is lucky to be alive, as is her neighbor. The flames were around 50 feet high and moving fast. Squatters have taken over the cabins that were left abandoned after Sonoma Splash relocated the paying tenants. Seems stupid, considering they were trying to raise money for this supposed pool.

For three years the property has been abandoned and is a disgrace. There was a fire directly behind my home a year ago and the cabins were supposed to be demolished after that, but nothing was done, even though I let them know that it was a dangerous situation. Kids run around on the roofs and jump into my yard and run through it dropping beer bottles in the process.

Sunday for about an hour they demolished a couple of the buildings, but there are still several a few feet from our homes that are being occupied. Let’s just say that those of us on the property line are in a very anxious state, as another fire is a distinct possibility. Some of us are sleeping in our living rooms (when we can get to sleep). I have called every official and agency I can think of and no one seems to care. I call the Sheriff and they don’t seem to even bother to show up over there.

I’m very skeptical of Sonoma Splash. It’s been a disaster from the beginning. I just hope you won’t be reading my name in the obituary column anytime soon.

Linda Bryan

Sonoma Valley

Keep the Wheels turning

EDITOR: We are writing to let you know of the critical shortage of drivers your local Meals on Wheels program is currently experiencing. In so doing, we hope some of you will answer our call for help.

Delivering meals to the homebound is a vitally important function. Not only are you delivering two nutritious meals per day, you may also be the sole human contact that person experiences on any given day.

We have openings for regular, as well as relief, drivers. As a regular driver, you will be delivering meals to approximately 10 clients one day per week. As a relief driver, you will be delivering when one of our regular drivers is unable to fulfill his or her function. In both cases the time commitment is approximately an hour to an hour-and-a-half per day.

We would so appreciate hearing from any of you who might like to help; you can contact us at 935-9141.

Sue Holman and Susan Weeks

Co-Directors, Meals on Wheels of Sonoma