Reader Poll: Do you believe in human-caused climate change?


Whether one believes in human-caused climate change, or not, one thing’s clear – there’s not a lot of people on the fence. Our most recent online poll asked readers to weigh in on global warming, with about 52 percent putting their trust in the overwhelming majority of climate scientists who say it’s happening, and 46 percent not buying into the concern. Perhaps indicative of our polarizing times, only 2.4 percent of the more than 250 respondents weren’t sure one way or another. As always, the anonymous comments served as particular highlights. – Jason Walsh

Here are some of the more impassioned responses:

Read the data, pay attention to the methodologies, and you’ll find there’s little room for debate.

Heck no... it was illegals... nice try.

Evidence is overwhelming, hot summers. giant storms, polar ice melting.

Can you please have better survey questions? Such as ones about issues Sonoma Valley is facing? I really don’t care about climate change. I care about my town!

Climate change is a constant and has been occurring since the beginning of time. Earlier humans migrated across the globe in response to climate changes. Temps were higher and CO2 levels five times higher due to pre-historic volcanic activity. In the long run humankind will likely adapt. In the meantime I’m not leaving, so I’ll enjoy life and not freak out.

Thirty years ago the National Geographic and Scientific American had headlines of “The Coming Ice Age.” Al Gore sold everyone the Brooklyn Bridge and is laughing all the way to the bank. Sure temps and climate are changing. Just like they did 50,000 years ago.

If our government would quit screwing with ChemTrails and poisoning our air Mother Nature would take care of our weather just fine. I don’t believe in Climate Change, it’s all a hoax just like Al Gore is.

Politicizing this is absolutely shameful. Jerks.

Survey is about as accurate as the science behind... is it “climate change” or “global warming”; or does it depend on your politics? Science my a$$$, this is politicizing science and its reprehensible.

This is natural weather cycles and consequence not global warming. What a stupid question.

This has got to be the worst multiple choice on climate change I’ve ever seen. People will not change. I’d imagine the person who created this is under the age of 30. A pointless question with what’s happening in the world right now.

Stupid answer, of course science is real.

What slanted choices!@!#!! Mirroring the scam! My answer is none of the above. I’m not “coming around” and there is no “it” going on. Real science is real, but the propaganda being called science on this scam completely ignores facts it doesn’t want to see.

If you - whoever wrote this... RIGHT NOW... wrote this without even being able to scientifically simply explain the proof of how the sum of human industries created “climate change”... you are a programmed obeyer helping further a fake agenda of the most corrupt criminals in the world. There are mountains and mountains of facts, intelligent professionals and science that contradict the scam story. Do some real homework, wake up and get a spine this lifetime, or you’re going to leave having made things worse than better.