Letters to the Editor, Nov. 17 - 20

Letter writer admires Smiley's typical infusion of 'fresh young bohemians.'


Hospital board needs common sense

EDITOR: The Sonoma Valley Hospital is very important to all who live in the city of Sonoma. What we don’t need is a hospital board to ignore their financial responsibility to the hospital.

They ask the public to support the hospital with a parcel tax. It is true the hospital could not survive the without the parcel tax. Every year the hospital ends up in the red. The board will give you all kinds of reasons why they cannot balance the budget.

They could start by not giving CEO Kelly Mather a raise and a bonus every year (“Hospital CEO in Line for Raise, Bonus,” Oct. 6)!

You cannot compare our hospital with others our size. Do we really need 467 employees for a 75-bed hospital? Yes, we need the nurses even if the beds are not full. The board needs to take a look at all the other jobs that could be eliminated. Kelly Mather has added and added jobs over the years she has been there.

Maybe it is time to find a new CEO that better understands our community and our needs and not overspend. To the public: If you agree with these thoughts come forth and run for the hospital board. Put some common sense into running the hospital.

Carolyn Stone


Hospital a ‘dependable refuge’

EDITOR: On Monday, Oct. 23, a hard fall required this 81-year-old Sonoma resident to receive attendance to the Sonoma Valley Hospital emergency room. I wish not just to mention my inexpressible thanks that such a service was available, in that a public service institution is so much more than an office. Its efficacy is directly determined by those who knowledgeably and selflessly answer individual needs.

Among those who blessed my emergency – each one the epitome of expertise and grace – were Dr. Matel, nurses Linda and Andre, X-ray tech Laurel and intern Greg.

Am I lucky to live in a city that has such a dependable refuge? Yes! But don’t let it go, ever, without saying!

Tosca Lenci

Boyes Springs

Brilliant disguise

EDITOR: Bolinas, California – wow, it’s fun to go to different places and embrace other cultures. You can say the same thing about Lake County, west county or the Mission district. Micro environments with their own unique headsets. I prefer headsets with a larger bandwidth, intellectual agility should include creativity.

Smiley’s Schooner Saloon is located in downtown Bolinas. There is a bartender there who doesn’t look old enough to serve drinks. I’ve been going to Bolinas since 1966. There is always a fresh crop of young bohemians in the bar. So this young bartender, he lives a hippie style. From his head to his toes he is hipped out. His hair is ‘80s rock. He has on some beads and silver rings and wrist bands. His skin is like something that hasn’t seen the sunlight. He looks like he might own a head shop. Smoke you out. Then I realized he is a copy of a copy of an original. He is a generic hippie.

Walmart in Lake County is a third-world country. White trash in paradise. West county is the refuge of the marginalized hippie. Underneath that disguise is the white-knuckled personification of avarice. San Francisco is the city of culinary delight. The Mission – French, Italian, Russian, Asian – welcome to the collision of California cuisine.

There is nothing new under the sun. People stand in front of a mirror. They pick out a costume and they get a bit part in some play. We are all just trying to fit in. White boys singing the blues. Redheaded kids with freckles doing rap. Tacos filled with the flavors of New Orleans. Just when you think you have seen it all, here it comes.

Eric Heine

Glen Ellen