Letters to the Editor, Sept. 29 - Oct. 3

This would come in pretty handy in a tight spot, suggests letter writer.


Four quick questions

EDITOR: I have several questions for our Sonoma City Council.

1. Where is the current City of Sonoma Budget? The City website doesn’t show this information. The most current is from 2016-2017 and signed by Mayor Gallian.

2. Has the Council developed a license application for a medical marijuana dispensary or sales of recreational marijuana and what does it require? Has anyone applied for a license?

3. How and where will drug testing be done after the new marijuana law takes place?

4. Does the City have a disaster plan or committee in place? Have residents ever been provided with an emergency supplies checklist?

Since the three-minute public comment period never allows for a response from the Council, perhaps the Mayor or Council could post some answers on the City website or in a future City Council meeting. I sincerely hope so.

Cecilia Ponicsan


Arrogant, ignorant and dangerous – oh my!

EDITOR: President Trump has again embarrassed me and the majority of Americans with his arrogance, ignorance, and dangerous rhetoric at the UN on Sept. 19.

China, France, Germany, Great Britain and Russia also signed the nuclear deal with Iran – did he bother to consult with them – or just decide to humiliate them? It took time and compromise to painstakingly negotiate this deal, (imperfect as it is) with such an array of sovereign nations! According to reports from the international atomic inspectors, Iran has kept its side of the bargain. Why would North Korea’s “rocket man,” who is testing his nukes already, want to negotiate a deal with our blond bombshell of a president if Trump pulls us out of the multinational pact restraining Iran? I fear Trump will bluster us into war with both countries and start a new international arms race for nukes. His hyperbolic rhetoric and short attention span are very scary. He needs to watch Ken Burns elegiac “The Vietnam War” PBS series before taking further incendiary steps. The American people know from tragic and bitter experience what happens when misinformation and hubris guide our leaders.

Lynne Joiner


Wives, husbands, robbers and samples

In reading the current Sonoma Index-Tribune, I was struck twice:

1. regarding the Umpqua Bank Robbery article (“Umpqua Latest in String of Bank Robberies,” Sept. 19):

No one would argue that a robbery is potentially dangerous, if not life-threatening, for employees. The bank’s surveillance photo, with a clear shot of the suspect, is on page seven, while the front page features a photo of the samples-lady at Sonoma Market (“Joyce Parsons Offers Small Bites, and a Big Heart”). Really? Meanwhile, the robbery suspect, whose photo might have drawn attention on the front page, remains at large. I realize that Sonoma Market is a paying advertiser, but possibly the samples-lady-article and photo did not need front page coverage in that issue… if ever, I might add.

2. Regarding the Wine Auction article (“Record Take for Revamped County Wine Auction,” Sept. 19):

The year is 2017 and, in referring to buyers, the article still uses the words, “… and his wife, (name)…” (Examples: George Hamel Jr. and his wife, Pamela; Marc Furstein and his wife, Samantha…) I’d find it condescending to be described as “his wife,” unless desperately clinging to 18th-century customs.

Simple suggestions: George and Pamela Hamel... Marc and Samantha Furstein.

Alternately, try this: Pamela Hamel and her husband, George Jr.; Samantha Furstein and her husband, Marc.

(Note: In the reference to “property of the late Saralee Kunde and her husband, Richard,” readers are aware that it was Kunde property.)

I purchase the I-T often and, while I might find occasional irritants, the two above are noteworthy.

R. Dessayer