“Gracias Rico.” That’s the message on the banner outside El Brinquito market, where the late Forestville artist’s one-time controversial colorful chicken sculpture still welcomes eastbound Highway 12 drivers to the Springs. Martin, who drowned while swimming in a lake July 29 at age 61, brought his lively eye for color to several lucky businesses in the Springs in recent years and the thank you “from the Springs community” for “adding color” to the neighborhood is a worthy tribute if there ever was one.

We echo the sentiment: Gracias Rico.

Fan taunting at sports games is a curious phenomenon – it’s like being an online troll with a misbegotten sense of social acceptability.

Even with that said, there are obnoxious fans -- and then there are obnoxious fans who deserve shaming on a newspaper opinion page.

Local gadabout Jerry Marino forwarded several photos from Sonoma Valley High School’s Aug. 28 home-court volleyball match against Justin Siena, in which fans of the Lady Dragons held up signs that seemed to have crossed several lines of propriety – racial, religious and economic notwithstanding. “How Brave do you feel now,” was one pun-errific query for the Justin-Siena Braves. “Did your tuition pay for the ref, too??” followed, with the more pointedly crude “Juck Fustin” tacked on for good measure. Perhaps most out-of-bounds was that a sign reading “Where is your God now?” was posed to the Catholic school team – not so much for its mockery of their faith (though there is that), but because if any deity had their finger on the scales for either team, it was apparently Justin. They won 3-1.

Jason Walsh