North Valley residents – or NoVa’s as we’ve heard them called – are going to see some notable sprucings up to Shaw Park in Kenwood, thanks to a partnership between the Rotary Club of Glen Ellen and Kenwood and Sonoma County Regional Parks.

The two most visible projects, according to County Parks officials, will be a new walking path across the back of the park and new split rail fencing to protect the roots of Shaw’s impressive 300-year-old oak tree. Rotary volunteers will be joining with Regional Parks staff to create the walking path and fencing, as well as perform some general maintenance and painting. Assisting with the effort are the players from the Senior Sonoma County Soccer League, as well as Mark and Kathleen Bunte from Sonoma Valley Landscape.

“Shaw Park is such a great place to get together and unwind,” said Nicki Artieres, of Rotary. “It’s an absolute gem.” And, thanks to all involved, it’s just gotten a bit, er, gemmier.

This isn’t the first “hot dog” submission we’ve gotten this summer, and it probably won’t be the last. But Kathleen H. wrote in last week to address “the lady who left her pup in her car in Maxwell Village” on the particularly sweltering afternoon of July 16. Kathleen says she kept watch on the car for 20 minutes before the owner returned in the 101 degree heat.

“Do you realize that for every minute you leave that precious pup in the car the temperature rises five degrees per minute?” asks Kathleen. “Therefore the temperature could have been at least 140! Do you know that after police are called we can legally smash your windows to rescue your baby?!”

Kathleen even supplied the make, model and license plate of the offending car, but we’ll keep that to ourselves this time.

Adds Kathleen on a positive note: “Thank you Sonoma for listening... we are the best animal lovers in the county.”

Jason Walsh