Here’s a Glass Full that features a Charles Schulz in the making. In thanking the Sonoma Valley Rotary for the many books procured for campus libraries through its Books for Schools mini-grant program, kids from Woodland Star Charter School mocked up an amusing “thank you” cartoon featuring a pair of kids confused over what exactly a “rotary” is.

“Let’s write to the Rotary!”

What’s a Rotary?”

“It’s a service organization.”


“A what?”

In the end, learning specialist Holly Colangelo summed it up in full: “Thank you for doing all the wonderful deeds you do in our community and internationally. Your efforts make the world a better place.”

To borrow from the immortal Prince Rogers Nelson: Is this what it sounds like when doves cry?

Let’s not find out. That’s what reader Lynn Luzzi urges, as she writes in advising against the summertime celebratory practice of releasing white doves following a wedding, graduation or other special event. Lynn says that the vast majority of people have no idea how “these poor creatures spend the remainder of their lives” once the pomp is finished and the “I do’s” have all been said.

It’s not a peaceful finale for these “symbols of peace,” she says.

“(The doves are) frantically flying around, with no place to land rest or be safe,” describes Luzzi. She says they’ll quickly be hounded by everything from hummingbirds to birds of prey, “only to finally lose their battle and their life to one of these territorial birds.”

“In the aftermath,” continues Lynn, “the only evidence left to show for their existence is a pile of white feathers.”

Jason Walsh