Anytime is a good time to toast the Sonoma Stompers’ generous plan to donate a portion of proceeds from each homestand to a local nonprofit, or otherwise good cause. But this week’s tribute to longtime Sonoma Valley High School baseball coach Don Lyons was a particularly fitting way to kick off the season. Lyons has been battling oropharyngeal cancer, a type of throat and mouth cancer, and recently retired from coaching. The Stompers honored “Doc” – a nickname Lyons earned when playing in the then-California Angels farm system in the 1970s – for his “commitment to education and youth sports” in a pregame ceremony at Arnold Field on June 14. (See the full story in today’s Sports section.)

According to the Stompers, a portion of the proceeds during that homestand will be donated to El Verano Elementary School’s after school programs in Lyons’ name. The Stompers also took donations on his behalf. The Stompers went on to win 4 to 2 that night. But on the Glass Full scorecard, we’re calling it a perfect game.

Joanie B. was driving along Napa Street in front of City Hall last month when she noticed several Plaza ducks running frantically across the Horseshoe lawn. She pulled over to investigate. “Was someone chasing them?” she wondered. What she found was a pair of back hoes and city maintenance staff conducting their annual cleaning out of the Plaza duck pond. “Engines were loud and the men were shouting,” reports Joanie. “The ducks were freaking out!”

Several ducks fled the scene straight into Napa Street traffic; Joanie joined several pedestrians in shooing the waddling quackers out of harm’s way and back onto the Plaza. When she approached a city worker to see if anyone was monitoring the befuddled fowl, she says his reply was, “The ducks adapt.”

“Can dead ducks adapt?” is Joanie’s rhetorical response.

In the future, Joanie says she’d be happy to assist in monitoring the safety of the distressed dabblers during the yearly cleaning. She suggests putting yourself in the ducks’ webbed shoes.

“Imagine people coming into your house one morning and removing everything cozy and safe about it, all the while running large engines and shouting,” says Joanie. “Where would you run?”

Jason Walsh