Last weekend, Sonomans far and wide were worried when alerts went out about a missing Sonoma man, who also suffers from dementia. Igor Monasevitch, 83, had headed out Friday afternoon for his daily bike ride on the Sonoma bike path – but didn’t return as expected. Following a nightlong search by a rescue team, a helicopter and a K-9 squad, Igor was found safe and sound Saturday morning on Carriger Road. Here’s a message of “eternal gratitude” from his family to “our wonderful Sonoma community”:

“Our heartfelt thanks to all of those who participated in the successful rescue of our beloved Igor. The extreme professionalism and perseverance of the Sonoma County Search and Rescue Team, Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department and the good people of our city made for a successful outcome to a long and scary night. A special shout-out to Steve Ellis of SAR who assured us that Igor would be found because, ‘that’s what we do, it’s our job and we do it well.’”

Adds the Monasevitch’s: “You guys rock!”

It was like a scene from John Carpenters’ “The Fog”: Victoria and a friend were enjoying a leisurely drive along Highway 12 east through Kenwood when, as they approached Glen Ellen, they were engulfed in a massive cloud of frightening effluvium.

There were tractors in a nearby field, says Victoria, leading her and her traveling companion to believe it was more than just a low-floating cumulus.

“It was a fog of pesticide!” reports Victoria, still choking from the fumes a day later. “All over the car – we were breathing it!”

To put it mildly, Victoria was upset. “It was horrible, it was horrible,” she told the Index-Tribune.

Whatever it was that Victoria and friend gagged upon last weekend – whether pesticides, chemtrails or perhaps the truck in front of them needs a smog check – we’ll put it in a way we’re sure everyone can agree: Sonomans, please keep your gases to yourselves.

Jason Walsh