Glass full

Not only is this a “glass full,” but it’s a cup runneth over. That’s what we’d call the nearly 90 inches of rain and snow that’s fallen this year in the northern Sierra Nevada mountains, a measurement used by weather trackers as an unofficial barometer of just how wet the winter has been in California. According to the National Weather Service, it’s now the wettest year on record, besting the umbrella-toting winter of ’82-83. According to State Park rainfall trackers at the Vallejo Home on Spain Street, Sonoma’s been soaked with more than 40 inches this year alone; that’s compared to about 24 inches of rain at this point last year. And from what we’ve seen this week, Zeus isn’t through with us yet. We’ll leave you with one of our favorite quotes, as written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow – later ripped off by Led Zeppelin, natch:

“Thy fate is the common fate of all; into each life some rain must fall.”

Glass empty (and shattered)

John Moore, of Boyes Hot Springs, relies on his electric medical scooter for mobility and self-dependence – a situation which came to a halt, literally, recently when a local ne’er-do-well pinched the vehicle from his house, mindlessly tearing it to pieces. “They ripped it apart,” says John; he and friends found parts of it strewn throughout the neighborhood. But just when it seems humankind can’t sink any lower (John suspects a local “tweeker” as the culprit) lo and behold the Sonoma community comes through in the clutch. John says the folks at the Olde Sonoma pub rallied together to stage a fundraiser – bringing in about $550 to cover nearly a third of the cost of a new scooter. John gives a shout out to Coley and Jo Thinnes, Shane Coffey and the loyal pub regulars who staged the event – and wants them to know his new set of wheels is expected to arrive today.

When it comes to helping a friend in need – this one’s definitely “on the house.”

Jason Walsh