Online poll: Should Sonoma declare itself a sanctuary city?

No quarter. That’s what the majority of respondents to our latest sonomanews.com poll were giving when we asked readers whether Sonoma should declare itself a “sanctuary city,” joining about 400 other municipalities in the United States who’ve vowed not to actively work with immigration officials in any efforts to deport non-violent undocumented residents.

About 52 percent of the responses nixed the idea, which some pointed out could result in a withholding of future grant funds linked to immigration enforcement. Forty-three percent were keen on the idea, while a total of 10 folks brought a bit of levity to a serious situation by choosing our third option: “Can’t we leave it as a ‘friends with benefits city’?”

Which Sonoma will no doubt remain no matter what the executive branch has to say…

Here are some of the more impassioned responses:

What part of “illegal” do they not get!

At this time we need to come together and show that we are all Americans. At least those that have come here and done the proper paperwork.

Why should immigrants who come into our country illegally (right there, breaking a law), be rewarded a free pass? We finally have a President who is asking for the laws on the books to be followed.

Your obvious bias is disgusting. I guess ‘SIT’ doesn’t employ journalists, just ideologues.

Wow, I guess I don’t stand with Sonomans. So ashamed to be unenlightened.

These are totally load responses. If I answer “no” does that make me pro-bully and not Sonoman?

When the illegal aliens start paying federal and state taxes, I might consider changing my opinion. You can’t cherry pick which laws you want to follow!

Don’t give the right wing justification to make matters worse.

There is a difference with what the media calls “immigrants.” Typically in most news stories I never see the words illegal and immigrant used together. Hm? Tell the truth much?

Lets concentrate on SONOMA issues.

Most definitely, yes! We all count on our Mexican friends/neighbors/co-workers. They are being targeted unfairly! We want to protect them and help them find and secure a pathway to citizenship.

Not for CRIMINAL ALIENS....... There is NO discussion of deporting law-abiding people...

The Law is the law! If you don’t like it, leave!

The idea that Sonoma as a city would incentivize the influx of undocumented persons from any country without due process is a bone-chilling idea. Not only would we have no control over who enters our city, but we would also have no idea who they are. Additionally, illegal immigrants have already broken federal law just by being in our country. This disregard for American society and law is a threat to the civilized way of life.

This wording of this poll is very biased. Non-citizens is not the issue, illegal aliens is.

We need to support our Latino brothers and sisters

Sometimes it’s better to just say nothing than speak your mind and broadcast to the world a completely indefensible and costly position. It might make you feel good, but everyone gets hurt, particularly those we’re trying to help who become even bigger targets.