Letters to the Editor, Jan. 10 - 12

Drive-by shunning

EDITOR: I am an 80-year-old Sonoman and last week I was taking some cardboard to the recycle bin in front of my house at the curb on Spain Street near the Starling Bar.

I tripped and fell into the street. Unable to get up, I laid there long enough for about six cars to drive right past me!! I am lucky I didn’t get run over. What kind of people would just race by? Finally, a nice man stopped, and then another. They helped me sit up and called 911. The aid car arrived quickly and they helped me into the house. I didn’t get their names and I would like to thank them for taking the time to stop when they saw an old lady lying in the street. Our street is used as a cut through for the evening commute and cars speed by way over the posted 30 mph. I would like to think none of the people that just kept driving by me live in Sonoma!

Carole Gotelli


Pumpkin-spiced latte soured by wallet theft

EDITOR: A few days before Christmas I was in the local Starbucks getting a last-minute gift. There was a line and I felt rushed so when the cashier handed me back my credit card I just kept it in my hand instead of my usual routine of putting it back in my wallet pouch. The fellow behind me in line saw that I had left my wallet on the counter. Instead of saying, “Oh, miss, you left your wallet,” he TOOK it! I was back at my car before I realized I had left it and I passed him on his way out when I frantically ran back in. All the Starbucks employees helped me look, but it was gone. I returned home with a bad feeling toward humanity. What kind of person would do this?

At Christmas!

My son called the police and they got the surveillance camera footage from Starbucks and there he was, caught on camera, taking my wallet. Now we all have a photo of the thief. I hope to run into him one day and just ask him why he would do that.

I made an appointment to get a new drivers license and turned off all my credit cards and just tried to let it go.

One day last week the door bell rang and a man handed my son the wallet! It was Rob Wilson from the Sonoma Old School store on Broadway. He said Luis Diego Vasquez, from the El Coyote Taco truck next door, gave it to him after he found it in the street off Broadway.

I was thrilled to have it back with everything there except, sadly, the irreplaceable little silver pill box my mom got me in France.

Well, my faith in humanity has been restored. I am thankful for the honest, caring folks who took the time to get my wallet pouch back to me. I went to the store to thank Rob in person and was pleasantly surprised to see the wide vareity of merchandise in his store. I always thought it was just skater stuff. I will be shopping there next year for my Christmas gifts!

Lori Hebner


Charges against Clinton, not Trump

EDITOR: Liberal whining continues in the Letters to the Editor section of the Index-Tribune (“High Treason, Low Response,” Jan. 20). The author refers to the respectful silence of the Democrats regarding the reported Russian hack of the Democratic Central Committee internal communications just in time for the Presidential elections. The letter suggests that legal action should be considered for actions of the Trump presidential elections staff that the writer implies was complicit in the hacking. Considering the Democratic convention occurred in August, it would seem to me that a Democratic president with his appointed Democrat Attorney General, who was forced to apologize for an airport tarmac meeting with former President Clinton, had ample time to consider charges against any Trump campaign staff. How many times do the Democrats need to hear: “You lost the election, get over it”?

It will be interesting to observe if the Clinton family is mentioned in the expected politically motivated last-minute Presidential pardons put in place as Jan. 20 arrives.

M.F. Cornelius