Sonoma Valley High School vice principal Andrew Ryan will take the helm as principal at Sassarini Elementary School beginning with the 2017-18 school year.

Sonoma Valley Unified School District Superintendent Louann Carlomagno announced the appointment in a press release on Thursday evening.

Ryan grew up in Sonoma Valley and attended Sassarini Elementary School and Altimira Middle School, before graduating from Sonoma Valley High School in 1998.

“Sassarini is where education all began for me,” he said in the release. “Now I get a chance to support and contribute to the Sassarini community the way it did for me!” He added that he was excited that he will have worked at every school he attended in town.

Ryan currently lives in the Sassarini school district.

Ryan received his bachelor’s degree in physical education from Chico State University in 2002, his teaching credential from Chapman University in 2004, and his master’s degree in education in 2005 also from Chapman. He earned his administrative credential in 2009.

He has served as vice principal at Sonoma Valley High School since 2011. Prior to SVHS, he taught at Altimira Middle School, where he taught P.E., leadership, and health and served as athletic director.

As vice principal at Sonoma Valley High School, Ryan has been actively involved in the athletic program, as well as the creation of the freshman teams, CTE courses including the engineering pathway, and the agriculture program.

Kathleen Hawing, principal of Sonoma Valley High School, said, “Andrew has proven to be a valuable member of the SVHS administrative team and his talents in working with staff, students, and community will be missed and quickly valued at Sassarini.”

Ryan’s wife, Richelle, teaches mathematics and history at Adele Harrison Middle School; his mother, Julie, teaches English at AHMS; and his brother-in-law, Doug Stewart, teaches in the special education department at SVHS. The Ryans have three children: Jake, 8-years-old; Joe, 5-years-old, and Olivia, 3-years-old.

Sassarini principal Jacqui Parker recently informed Carlomagno that she was looking for an administrative position closer to her home and family in Sausalito. Parker has served as principal since 2014.